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Finding customers with online advertising is all about making it easy for them to find you. Scorpion builds ads that establish your brand and services on all the right platforms.

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Ads Designed To Work

A good ad has a way of sticking with you long after you’ve seen it. But what’s the secret behind the success? Is it all hit or miss or is there a formula somewhere that only a few businesses manage to figure out?

The answer is it’s all about market research and understanding what goes into a well-performing ad. So what does that entail? We’re here to remove the guesswork out of advertising strategies so you can focus on what matters — growing your business.

Scorpion provides clean, effective designs and messaging that make an instant impression with potential customers and lead them right to your sites. Our ads are designed to work which means less work for you.

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Scalable Content So You Can Spend Wisely

Effective advertising isn’t about who has the biggest marketing budget (unless it’s Big Game time) set aside. You can still create an effective advertising system without relying on the flash, billboards, and TV time.

A high-performing ad helps you get the most out of every piece of content so you can afford the best marketing strategy without spending more. And with the explosion of digital advertising, you can get more for less and be just as effective with your results.

Scorpion ad designs are scalable and ready-to-use on all platforms so you can choose where you want to advertise, keep track of how they’re doing, and get results quicker and more seamlessly.

Showcase Your Brand With Online Advertising

Your company has a story to tell, and with consistent and beautiful visuals, you can hook audiences on Google, Facebook, Bing/Yahoo, and anywhere else you advertise. Do your ideas justice with the help of advertising design experts.

Scorpion provides social, web, and video advertising to build your brand story and drive engagement. Our content and designs are scalable across platforms and fit your brand strategy needs — from where you are now, all the way up.

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How to Get Started with Online Advertising Technology

What Are the Different Types of Online Advertising?

In the digital advertising world, there are a lot of different types of online advertising, including display ads, affiliate, video, and email. Here we will focus on the main three that you want to focus on to get started with online advertising. Social media, paid search, and display advertising.

Social media advertising are ads you put out on specific platforms to reach various target audiences. Social media ads can yield a large amount of leads and revenue. Platforms to consider using are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Paid search advertising is when someone searches for a specific product or service using a search engine and ads appear at the top of the results page. You can achieve these results without using paid search (organic search) but ads are the first to appear and often bump organic results down the page.

Display advertising, also known as display ads, are pop-ups that take the shape of banners throughout social media, websites, and apps. They can be effective if used to target a certain audience or by utilizing ad networks such as Google Display Network.

What Constitutes Successful Online Advertising Strategies?

You may think a lot goes into making a single ad hit its target and you’re kinda right in your thinking. There are a lot of routes you can try and all yield different results for building your business.

Consider your marketing budget, who you want to target, and what kind of strategy you want to develop. Email marketing provides different benefits than Pay Per Click ads. It’s all about where your target audiences are. You also want to consider what your primary goals are and which type of online advertising will help reach that goal.

If your goal is to increase sales, you may choose to focus on strategies that help bring in sales such as email marketing and conversion rate optimization. If you want to build brand awareness, picking advertising strategies that raise that awareness, such as display advertising, is the way to go.

Remember it’s all about figuring out what you want to accomplish with your marketing strategies, building the buyer persona, and narrowing down goals to reach those accomplishments.

What is the Benefit of Advertising Online?

With the introduction of the digital age (and it’s not slowing down) businesses can no longer rely on traditional advertising to grow. Word-of-mouth, cold calls, even billboards are no longer enough to bring revenue.

Online advertising provides you a way to reach an unlimited number of consumers in a way that’s not only cost-effective, but multifunctional. Not only do you have multiple routes to choose from, but you have the ability to make them as unique as you want.

Unless you sat on the support frame of your billboard and counted each car that went by, there would be no way for you to know who saw it. With online advertising, not only do you have control over what type of consumer sees it, but you also have access to data that tells you how it was received. With that knowledge, you can react and pivot future marketing plans that will ultimately be more effective.

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  • What is online advertising?

    Online advertising is a form of marketing that businesses use to proactively promote their product or services.

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    Effective online advertising can drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, and generate revenue for your business.

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