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Payments & Invoicing

Get paid faster

Streamline your payment process with Scorpion’s payment and invoice services, all in one spot, so you get paid faster.

“They’ve been a game changer”
Steven Dayo Vice President, West Houston Electric, Inc.

Taking payments is easier than ever

We've removed all the obstacles, with a simple and secure way of invoicing customers and accepting payments.

  • Getting paid just got easier

    We’re constantly innovating our process to give you, and your customers, the best experience possible. Our Payment Suite offers updated tools such as Connect Pay, Payment Button, and Payment through our Communications Suite, so you can get paid as soon as the job is done.
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  • Automate your invoicing with our invoice tool

    Organize and manage all your invoices in one spot through our payment platform, where you can send, receive and monitor invoices that come and go through your business. Getting paid on time just got easier with our invoice tool.
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Smoother payments for your customers

Whether you need to take a payment outside of the office or keep track of the monthly invoices you’ve sent, we make it easy and seamless to improve your customer’s experience and reduce your effort on collections.