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3 Ways to Make Online Video More Effective for Your Business

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Here are some facts you need to know:

And those facts point to one, undeniable truth:

Video is more accessible and popular than ever.

Video can be entertaining, educational, or both, and by incorporating video into your website, you can get ahead of your competitors and increase your website conversions by up to 80%.

Put a video on all your landing pages

Why embed a video on your website’s landing pages? Because video is engaging and captivating—when someone lands on your page and they’re exposed to a video right away, they’re less likely to bounce.

And the longer they stay on your page, the more they are to look around, learn something, and engage in some kind of action that ultimately results in a sale.

Be sure your video content is professionally produced

Not all videos are equal, and every aspect of your production—from the sound quality to the image quality—will be judged by your viewers.

If something is off—if the sound is off or the videography is poor—visitors will run for the hills.

But if you show them a video that’s well produced? Well, then they’ll stick around and hear what you have to say.

Deliver your message quickly and clearly

When they press play, the crux of your message needs to be delivered in the first 30 seconds—explain why you’re worth listening and why they need to keep watching...what’s in it for them?

More than being helpful, be quick to explain how you’re going to be helpful.

So, if you’re looking to grow your sales, give your prospects something to talk about, something to share, and most importantly, something to remember.

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