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Full Transparency

Easily track your results

Always know what's working, which goals are being achieved, and how to improve with real-time reporting and complete transparency.

“When I hear Scorpion, I think about click it and it’s done. I really can’t equate it to any other company that I’ve done business with. They get it.”
Tim Flynn Owner, Winters Home Services

We’ve partnered with 14,000 business owners to reach their goals

  • Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning

    Services 12 Locations in Greater Alabama

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    Lead volume increase yearly
    Website traffic
    Revenue increase
  • Five Star Painting (El Paso)

    It's not magic, it's internet marketing.

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    Yearly Lead Volume
    Organic Visits
  • Houma Family Dental

    Since revamping their digital marketing with the help of Scorpion, Houma Family Dental has seen thousands of leads, over 800 new patients, and a 30% increase in organic users.

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Our only goal: help you reach yours

With the tools and technology to easily track your results, it's easier than ever to reach your goals.

  • Your marketing on the go

    Our mobile app lets you access your marketing dashboard anywhere, any time. Even if you're out of the office, you'll know exactly how your business is doing. 

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  • Better, faster decisions

    Your dashboard includes clear reporting so you can see exactly where your marketing budget is going. With cash flow analytics so clear, you can make better decisions, faster than ever.
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  • Only the tools you need

    We provide you with customized plans and the essential tools you need to run your best business and provide a great experience for your customers.
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  • Harness the power of AI

    Make data-driven decisions using the unparalleled insight of artificial intelligence, for everything from advertising and SEO to market trends.
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Start tracking every dollar

Never again wonder where your budget is going, what's working and what isn't, or what needs to be done to improve rankings, advertising, or marketing efforts. We track it all and report it all, so you don't have to.