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Brand Strategy

Build your brand for the future

Running your best business starts with the right foundation. Work with our experts to build a brand strategy that will take you to your goals.

Build your brand

Results that speak for themselves

  • 100+million Leads generated
  • 70+million Phone calls generated
  • 1+billion Visitors generated

Tell your story, build your brand

  • Your brand is unique. So are your needs.

    It takes more than a website to build a brand. It takes focused strategies by marketing and branding experts, combined with cutting-edge technology, powerful messaging, and stunning creative.

  • Make more informed decisions

    Stay on top of market changes and trends with customized, in-depth market research—and your brand will be right where it needs to be to attract and retain customers.

  • Stay focused on what matters

    Tell your brand’s story from a smart point of view to the right audience, and consistently carry this across all mediums and touchpoints.

build your brand

Your best brand starts here

Your brand is one of the most important elements of your business. It tells your story, builds credibility, and creates a connection with your customers. That's why investing time in developing the right brand strategy is crucial for the success of your business.

At Scorpion, we have a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in building brands just like yours. We understand the importance of starting every strategy with research. By continually learning and updating our knowledge of your customers through surveys and other means, we keep your brand fresh and top of mind.

Our team then uses this information to develop a unique, compelling brand design across all your marketing materials. From logos and websites to social media and print ads, we ensure that every element of your brand is cohesive, impactful, and resonates with your target audience.

But our brand strategy goes beyond design. We leverage insights to create a great user experience, powerful marketing campaigns, and other marketing opportunities to ensure that your brand is in front of as many people as possible, both digitally and in real life. We also help you think about your customer experience because brand strategy doesn't stop at the website. It extends into how you interact with your customers and follow up with them.

At Scorpion, we believe your brand is the foundation of your business, and we're committed to helping you build a strong, recognizable brand that sets you apart. Get started with your brand strategy from Scorpion today, and see the results for yourself.

"All the support we have gotten from everyone has been a blessing. We truly feel loved and know that the team cares about our business and success. Any questions or concerns we’ve had have been answered and resolved."

Julie Herrera

The Faith Electric Group, Inc.
Additional Solutions

Improve your marketing to build your brand

Let's get every side of your business working together.

  • Website Management

    Convert more of your traffic

    Whether a website visitor becomes a new customer or just another bounce is determined in seconds. That’s why we help you build a website that catches visitors’ attention and gets them to contact you!

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  • Search Engine Ranking

    Show up in search results

    We use the unmatched insight of artificial intelligence to help you rank and get organic leads that turn into customers. Then we give you full visibility and control so you know what every dollar is doing.

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  • Digital Advertising

    Get more of the right leads

    We set up advertising for your business everywhere your customers look for you online. Then we continually meet with you to review the strategy, lead flow, and budget to give you results you can see.

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  • Content Marketing

    Content that captures attention

    Our team helps you develop and manage your content calendar, creating well-written, persuasive, and even high-ranking content. We then post on all your platforms to help you reach your goals!

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  • Lead Management

    Manage all leads in one place

    Identify qualified leads and move them closer to becoming customers while avoiding wasted resources on bots and spam.

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“We lean on [Scorpion] to a significant extent. They’re important to the operations of our company. They’re important to our reputation, to our brand, to the success of our franchise owners. By far, Scorpion is our most important partnership across Gotcha Covered.”
Paul Linenberg President, Gotcha Covered

Better brand strategy starts here

We partner with you to create a strategy that works for your business, not anyone else’s. Your customers then find you and choose you, again and again—and you get more of what you want out of your business. Every day.


Any more questions?

  • What is brand strategy?

    Your brand is what makes your business, well, your business. It encompasses what your business is, what it provides your customers, and the identity of your business, such as logo, visuals, and theme. A brand strategy is essentially your big picture, or giant roadmap. It's your way of saying we want to go from here to there. That includes messaging, marketing efforts, growth goals, and strategies. Brand strategy is essential to having a clear path to growth. 

  • Why do I need brand strategy?

    By using a brand strategy, you're setting your business up for success. With a clear brand strategy, you can set long-term goals, accomplish short-term goals, and set benchmark expectations. A brand strategy ensures that everyone is on the same page including your staff, partners, and outside support. Successful brand strategy usually includes components like core values, brand identity, and target audience information.