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Multi-Location Brands Multi-Location Brands

Multi-Location Brands

An easier way to run all your locations

We bring marketing and operations together for multi-location brands. You get the data and tools you need to make the best decisions for your brand.

Product Solutions

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  • Marketing and operations together

    Our platform brings your brand’s most essential marketing and operational efforts together so you have just one dashboard to work with.
  • Know what’s working with marketing

    We track all your marketing campaigns in one place and helps you understand how they’re impacting each other. You’ll know which efforts move the needle so your budget can make the most of each dollar invested.
  • Roll up location management

    Our platform is designed for brands that need to look at both national and local performance. You’ll be able to manage each location easily while making changes that can benefit the whole brand.
Spread your Mulit-Location wings

Marketing for all your locations

As your multi-location business grows, it’s important to maintain consistency and have a strong online presence to build trust with new customers. Scorpion offers a full suite of marketing tools that help you build and manage websites for each location, earn positive reviews, and make sure your directory listings are robust and accurate.

Our team will take over all of your marketing so you can grow your multi-location business into any area you could imagine. From down the street to across the cournty, managing your multi-location brand has never been easier with the tools you get from Scorpion. 

Best of all, we have the team to help you manage it. You are busy doing what you are good at , so let us take care of all of your marketing so you can run your best business. 

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"It's great to have the fast support and responsiveness from the Scorpion team, as well as their wide variety of knowledge in the digital space. They have different teams, partners, and tools to really enhance all of your digital advertising and marketing efforts."

Christie Barnes

Camp Bow Wow
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