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Content Marketing

Reach more people where they are

Our team takes care of your content marketing and social posts to highlight your business. We curate content to help you stay relevant, engage your audience, and drive more traffic.

Improve your content

Results that speak for themselves

In just one year, the Scorpion team accomplished big goals for clients nationwide.

  • 81thousand social posts
  • 378million impressions on all social media channels
  • 4.7million clicks from Facebook alone

Content that leads to customers

  • Drive new and returning business

    Writing valuable content with specificity allows us to promote it to the people who are most likely to click on it. Our content will tie into your story, speak to your audience, build your brand, and drive traffic to your site!

  • Raise overall brand awareness

    We develop content with your specific audience in mind. We’ll manage your social calendar, create content optimized to rank well, and post on all your platforms to help your business reach its goals and be seen as a thought leader in your space.

  • Target your potential customers

    What good is content if it’s not seen? We will strategically promote your business’s content to magnify its reach and get in front of the customers that you want most.

Content That Performs

Tell your story. Engage your audience with content marketing.

Content is one of the most powerful tools for your marketing. You can take content from just text on a page to an invaluable asset—leveraging it to promote your business, engage your audience, and sell your services. When done well, content can tell your story. It can solve problems. It can entertain and educate your readers. 

The right content helps people truly understand your business and how you can help.

With Scorpion’s content marketing services, you get all of that and more. 

Through a strategic approach, our team helps you not only with powerful pieces of content, but with content promoted effectively to your audience. It starts with writing content that’s designed to garner interest, drive traffic, and rank well. It is then paired with a powerful promotion strategy to target your audience where they are: online.

Our content is backed by social strategies, avoiding the all-too-common problem of messages that are written but unseen. We can target your exact audience, getting in front of them with messaging designed to capture their interest. That same audience is then driven to your website where they can learn why they need your services.

Compelling content, combined with engaging social posts, raises overall brand awareness, generates interest in your business, and drives more traffic. It even supports your other efforts by improving ranking and overall conversion on your site. 

It’s the most versatile way to speak directly to your audience and build your brand.

"“When I hear Scorpion, I think about click it and it’s done. I really can’t equate it to any other company that I’ve done business with. They get it.”"

Tim Flynn

Winters Home Services
Content Solutions

Good marketing starts with great content.

Deliver your message and engage your audience like never before. And watch the customers roll in.

  • Your very own content marketing strategist.

  • Ongoing social and content pieces.

    Keep your content calendar full and your social pages active! Get content that's written to rank well, engage your audience, and convert.

  • Creative assets that impress.

    All of your social and content pieces will be paired with creative assets and imagery that are designed to catch your audience’s eye.

  • On-demand content support.

    Need something more custom? We provide on-demand content support, giving you the content you need, when you need it.

"We have been thrilled to work with the Scorpion team. They are the best at what they do. And because of them, we will be able to better protect our clients' rights."
Jason Itkin Founder, Arnold & Itkin LLP

Better content = better leads.

Power your marketing with a content marketing strategy designed to tell your story, engage your audience, and build your brand online—and do it with a team of experts who know exactly how to reach your goals.


Have questions? We can help.

  • How do I know if my content marketing is successful?

    Content marketing has several goals, but the most important are increasing engagement on your social channels and driving more traffic to your website. Your team will constantly measure performance against your business's goals and share reports so you can follow along.

  • Where will you promote my content?

    This will depend on our strategy for your specific business, but you can expect to see your content being promoted on the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Why is content marketing important for my business?

    Content marketing works to capture your audience before they may even need you—helping build awareness and generate interest, which guides them to you when they do need your help. With content, you can move potential customers through the conversion funnel, improving all aspects of your marketing campaign.