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Get paid quickly, easily, and securely

Shorten your collection period with convenient options like text and email payments, so you get paid faster and keep your revenue growing.


Get paid faster with our Payment tools

  • Connect Pay

    Get paid anytime, anywhere, at any amount. Connect Pay allows your customers to pay directly on your website without the hassle of over-the-phone payments.

  • Payment Button

    Pay Now adds a button right on your website so customers can easily pay their invoices.

  • Payment Requests

    Send payment requests directly through the Communications Suite! Keep track of collections, advertising spend, lead management, and more, and in one place..

Easier, Faster Payments

Taking payments shouldn’t be the hard part. We made it easy.

When it comes to running your business, there’s a lot for the average business owner to handle. Training your technicians. Maintaining your equipment. Managing your customers. Making sure that you and your team get paid. 

At Scorpion, we help take some of that weight off your shoulders by making getting paid easy—like it should be! Instead of you having to scramble every week to meet payroll, you can use our simple, intuitive Payment Suite.

With Scorpion Payments, you can create quick, simple invoices, take advantage of tools such as our Connect Pay, and Payment Button. You can choose to take payments at the time of service, when you’re still with your customer, or you can choose to send a payment request later—either by email or text. (Which have both been found to get you paid 12 to 18 days faster than traditional paper invoices.)

But the ease of use doesn’t stop there.

You can even combine Payments with Scorpion’s Reputation services to automate sending review requests, making it faster and easier to build your online reputation. 

With secure payments, easy invoices, and more ways to get paid, Payments makes your life simpler. And the best part? It’s all done through the same Platform where you can manage all other aspects of your business.

Giving you time back to do what’s truly important: running your business.

"Using the Payments tool has become a habit. The convenience of everything in the same palace across multiple devices has made life a lot easier for me."

Michael Mullen

The Law Office of Michael Mullen
Solution Details

More than just payments

  • Get rid of monthly fees

    Rather than paying a monthly subscription charge and a transaction fee, you pay a small processing rate only when you use the service.

  • Send digital payment requests

    Send customers a payment request via text or email, whichever you prefer, expediting your overall collection process.

  • 100% visibility and control

    Easy-to-view reports make it easy for you to see payment requests you’ve sent and track how much you’ve collected.

  • Integrate with digital wallets

    Make things even easier for customers (and you!) by accepting online payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

"Using the Payment Suite has become a habit. The convenience of everything in the same place across multiple devices has made life a lot easier for me."
Michael T. Mullen Former Prosecutor and Experienced Attorney, The Law Offices of Michael Mullen

Smoother payments for your customers

When you make payments smoother and easier for your customers, you reap the rewards by getting paid quicker, improving your customer’s experience, and reducing your effort on collections.


Any more questions?

  • What is payment processing?

    Payment processing is the gateway for a business to provide a safe, secure way for financial transactions between customers and the business. With a proper payment system in place, your business can accept payment for goods or services. Payment processors usually come from intermediaries, such as PayPal or Stripe. Our payment suite includes access to our payment processing which accepts the most popular forms of digital payments, provides payment statutes, and gets you paid faster.

  • Why do I need payment processing?

    A payment processing system lets you offer your customers an easy, seamless way to pay for your services. Most customers prefer to complete business transactions using online payment tools such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. This helps you get paid faster. Our payment processing does just that! Plus, it gives you a way to track invoices, send invoices, and receive payment all in one spot.

What is payment processing?

In a nutshell, payment processing is the transaction that happens between a merchant (or seller) and a consumer. The act of completing the transaction, either via credit or debit card is part of that processing.

While there are many other forms of payment that customers use (bitcoin, check, cash, etc…), when we talk about payment processing, we're only referring to transactions with credit or debit cards.

Your customers only see the swipe or tap, but there's a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. After a card is utilized by the customer, a series of actions take place. The card is read, the amount is verified by the processor, (or if funds aren't available: declined), and then the money is approved and transferred to your merchant account.

Understanding different payment processing companies

Payment processor companies handle the transaction between you and the buyer. Think of them as a type of mediator of the sale. Some of the more well-known mediators include Stripe payment processing, Square payment processing, and PayPal payment processing.

With the increase of online shopping, it's more important than ever to have the right company involved with payment processing. Unlike in-person shopping, you assume you will receive payment for the item the customer wants to purchase, and the customer relies on the item to be sent. Transactions like this are what make payment processing mediation all the more necessary.

The processor also has security checks in place to make sure the data for the credit card is correct and fraud is not being attempted. The customer is protected in the case of overcharge or return. If you made an error in the amount charged or the customer returns the item, the processor refunds the amount and charges a fee for having to do so.

How to choose a payment processing company

Unlike choosing your socks, or designing your display window, dealing with payment transactions is not something you can handle alone. All business owners need to set up a merchant account in order to receive credit or debit card payments and then choose a payment processing company to mediate your transactions. If you choose not to, you will not be able to accept any form of credit or debit payments, which will inadvertently deter a lot of potential customers.

The first step in selecting which payment processor to use is whether you want to go through a bank, an online provider such as Scorpion, or a processor company like PayPal. Other things to consider are the monthly amount, where you get approved for a merchant account, and services they provide.

Keep in mind you also need to set up a payment gateway. The gateway, much like the name implies, is the path from your merchant account to the payment processor. Some business owners choose to combine the two services (merchant account with payment processing) into the payment gateway. Choosing to do so will also help eliminate options to only those who provide the combined service.

As you move forward, look for companies that provide a simple set-up, customer service, companies that adhere to PCI Compliance, and can integrate payments.