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Law Firms: Here’s How You Hire the Right Company to Help With Your Local Services Ads

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Signing up for Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs) is no simple process.

(If you’re not sure what LSAs are, click here.)

It requires an extensive application and verification process that involves background checks, tons of paperwork, and full compliance with Google’s standards for LSA-approved law firms. That’s why most law firms hire a company to guide them through the process.

But along the way, many firms come across a problem...

They’re given the white-glove treatment throughout the application period, but once they’re approved and they become “Google Screened”, one of two things usually happen:

  1. They’re left to fend for themselves in learning the LSA platform and running their ad campaigns, or…
  2. They receive help with their LSA campaigns, but they end up getting minimal services for the amount of money they’re paying.

But law firms need a partner that offers more than just the bare minimum. They need a partner that can provide them with complete support, from the start of their application process all the way through to the planning, execution, and improvement of their LSA campaigns.

Your LSA partner should offer these things

If you’re looking for someone to help you with your LSAs, the last thing you want to do is get stuck with a company that doesn’t deliver enough value to your firm.

To assist you in your search, here are a few things a good LSA partner will deliver, at minimum:

  • Step-by-step assistance with the application process.
  • Help with onboarding and campaign setup (getting started and trained on the LSA platform and launching your campaigns).
  • A professional team to guide your LSA strategy and build your ad campaigns for you.
  • Budget recommendations based on the saturation of your LSA market.
  • Call tracking numbers to identify which leads are coming from which LSA campaigns.
  • Assistance handling lead disputes (asking Google to reverse a charge for a “bad” lead, such as a call from someone looking for a service you don’t offer).

But first and foremost, you need an LSA partner that offers…

Direct access to Google.

Here’s what we mean by that…

Why hiring a Google Premier Partner is a MUST

There are many digital marketing companies that help law firms apply for the LSA program and even manage their ad campaigns—but not every company that offers this service is a Google Premier Partner.

What’s the difference?

A Google Premier Partner is a marketing company that has met strict standards set by Google to demonstrate their advanced knowledge and efficiency in the area of Google advertising. The great thing about Google Premier Partners is they have their own Google rep who they can call directly whenever they have an LSA question, concern, or need for a client.

Google Premier Partners also have access to:

  • Special training from Google on how to assist law firms with LSAs.
  • Early access to news, updates, and new advertising features related to LSAs.
  • Additional data for measuring clients’ LSA rankings.

By hiring a Google Premier Partner to help you with your Local Services Ads, you put your law firm in a better position to succeed in your LSA campaigns.

At the end of the day, hiring the right partner all comes down to one thing...


While LSAs allow you to attract more local leads at reasonable rates (you pay for by lead instead of by the click), they still cost your firm money. And as a firm that wants to maximize your profitability, that means you need to manage those costs as judiciously as possible.

When you have a true LSA expert handling your campaigns, you make your ads more effective, which means you can get:

  • More leads and clients.
  • Better leads and clients.
  • Higher return on investment (ROI) for your firm.

And isn’t that why you’re running LSAs in the first place?

If you’re going to pour your law firm’s hard-earned money and resources into a strategy like paid search advertising, you might as well do it right and make it worth the investment.

And that’s done by choosing the right LSA partner.

Scorpion is a Google Premier Partner that has been helping law firms attract more clients from the Internet for nearly 20 years. To find out how we can help your firm get started with LSAs, call Scorpion at (866) 344-8852 or send us a message here.

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