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A Lawyer's Guide to Social Media for Law Firms

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Many lawyers believe that social media is not worth their time. Not only do they have to create and publish posts continually, but they also have to monitor engagement and respond to comments and reviews.

However, ignoring social media for your law practice can be a big mistake. According to Statista, 308.3 million Americans use social media as of 2023. By 2028, an estimated 331.1 million internet users will be using social media. Without social media, you will miss out on many of these prospective clients.

Read this guide to learn more about social media and why attorneys should use it. You'll also see examples of great social media posts and learn how to post consistently.

What Is Social Media, and Why Should Attorneys Use It?

Social media consists of interactive apps and websites that empower users to create and share content with virtual networks and communities. Common examples include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

There are several reasons why attorneys should use social media.

Attract New Clients

Social media platforms can reveal which types of posts are the most popular and where traffic is coming from. You can use these statistics to focus on creating content that is likely to attract new clients. 

Engage With the Legal Community

You can also use social media to follow other law firms. This is a great way to stay up to date on legal trends. 

Promote Content and Events

Social media is also a great way for law firms to promote content on their website and other channels, such as webinars, blog posts, podcasts, and videos.

For example, suppose you wrote a blog post about how a wrongful death case will change the face of wrongful death law in your state. You can create a promotional image and write a short summary on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the blog post.

Where, When, and How Should You Post?

Deciding where, when, and how to make social media posts can be daunting. Here's a summary of where, when, and how you should post on social media.

Which Social Media Platforms Should Law Firms Post On?

At a minimum, your law firm should be on the following popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms for lawyers, with more than 2.5 billion active users. You can use Facebook ads to target clients and join Facebook groups to connect with ideal leads. Want to learn more? Here is a great guide on how to setup a Facebook Business Page.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a photo-based social media platform. It's another major player in the social media industry, with 1.4 billion active users. Instagram is a great way to attract younger clients ⁠— 64% of Instagram users are 18 to 34 years old.
  • Twitter: Twitter has more than 353.9 million active users worldwide. As a microblogging platform, Twitter has a strict limit of 280 characters per tweet. Many lawyers use tweets to promote blog posts, e-books, and YouTube videos.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. You can use LinkedIn to connect with other legal professionals and share legal insights.

When Should Law Firms Post on Social Media?

The best times for lawyers to post on social media vary depending on the social media platform and the target audience. 

However, generally speaking, most marketers agree that 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and noon to 3 p.m. are the most successful windows for social media posts. Weekends also tend to be better for posting. 

How to Create and Publish Social Media Posts

Creating and publishing appealing social media posts will require a lot of planning. Keep these tips in mind when creating posts:

  1. Know the specific value and purpose of your posts. 

  2. Customize each post according to its purpose and intended platform.

  3. Use hashtags that fit your industry and target audience.

  4. Begin or end your posts with clear calls to action or links to your website or YouTube channel.

  5. Mention other contributors, businesses, and lawyers as needed. For example, if you gave a talk at a bar association meeting, you should thank the host and the association by tagging them in your post.

Examples of Great Social Media Posts

Here are some examples of great social media posts:

lawyer social media post

In this Twitter post, Scorpion tagged multiple clients that appeared in Entrepreneur's 44th annual Franchise 500 rankings. This shows the company's dedication and appreciation for its clients. Scorpion also included a link to the Franchise 500 rankings and two relevant keywords so prospective clients can find out more about the companies.

lawyer social media post

This Instagram post showed that the Scorpion team had a fantastic time at Service World Expo. Many law firms and businesses post pictures and videos of their staff to show their thought leadership and involvement in legal events.

How to Be Consistent 

Posting content on the right social media platforms at the right time isn't enough — you also need to be consistent. The more consistent your social media activity is, the more engagement and momentum you will gain.

Here's how you can be more consistent with your social media activity.

Create a Social Media Strategy

First, you must define your content goals. What kinds of content are you posting and why? Are you using all of your platforms' capabilities? Establish clear, definable goals, such as posting Instagram and Facebook stories five to 10 times a week, a short video once a week, and a still image twice a week.

Hire a Company to Help

If you don't have the time, energy, or expertise to keep up with social media, consider hiring a digital marketing company to help. The right digital marketing partner can do the following for you:

  • Create a social media strategy.
  • Create a wide range of social media posts for all of your platforms, including images, text-based posts, and videos.
  • Post consistently to build your brand and attract leads.
  • Tag and comment on partners' posts and reply to followers' comments promptly.

Let Scorpion Help You With Social Media

Developing and managing a social media strategy can be daunting for law firms, especially if they have limited staff, time, and energy.

That's where Scorpion comes in. From social media management and brand building to powerful advertising and website development, we have the law firm marketing expertise you need to stand out from your competitors.

Interested in learning more about Scorpion's marketing services? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.