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Ultimate Guide to Lawyer Marketing

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Andrew Adams

Lawyer marketing is a key part of how you get your firm noticed. Not only do you need to do great work for your clients, but you also need to get them through the door. Most law schools do little to prepare you for the business realities of the legal world. They don't teach you how to manage or advertise your business. This can mean you struggle to handle the economic aspects of running a law firm.

The solution to this issue: law firm marketing. This type of marketing helps you find a potential client and produce tangible business. A quality service focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that capture reader attention and get your firm noticed over others. Many new clients read about a firm online, through Google Ads, or even a Facebook ad. Your digital marketing should be ready to handle this modern world without a lot of work on your part.

Getting started doesn't have to be overwhelming. You can stand apart from the competition and trust that your marketing needs are handled correctly. Scorpion marketing services help you grow your business and reach your goals. We help you make a great first impression with websites, advertising, and video assets that communicate why your firm is the right choice. 

This ultimate guide to lawyer marketing is to help you understand what you can do to build your law firm and recruit new clients.

What Is Lawyer Marketing?

Lawyer marketing is the process of getting new clients to your law firm. You utilize a law firm marketing plan to reach a wide array of potential clients in the digital marketplace. You can also still reach people through traditional print, television, and radio ads as well. A marketing plan is more than simply creating a series of ads — it leverages all kinds of law firm technology to automate tasks and make your life easier.

Proper lawyer marketing lets you decide how to invest your resources, money, and time so that you can focus on your primary business. You didn't go to law school to worry about how many ads you should run or what you need to do to create them yourself. Instead, a marketing team can help you create brand loyalty and run ad campaigns that drive future business in your practice area.

Understanding Law Firm Marketing Terms

There are a lot of terms in the marketing world. Some of them may sound familiar while others may not. A basic understanding of these terms will help to put the full value of marketing for your law firm into perspective.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the ratio of potential clients who visit a website or ad as compared to those who "convert" to a lead. Law firm marketing software can track the conversion rate for a single page, an ad, or even a whole website. 

This helps you understand the true numerical success rate of your marketing strategies. You will know how many people view an ad and actually act on it. You can even get a picture of how many leads convert into actual client hires. This information helps you focus on where you are most successful and limit any unnecessary spending on areas that underperform.

Marketing Leads

Marketing leads are potential clients for your law firm. They are more than just a visitor to the website or ad. They become a lead when they take some further action that indicates they are interested in speaking with you. These are the results of video marketing, social media marketing, and other sources of visitors to your site.

This action could be filling out a "contact us" form, a phone call, or email. It could also be an in-person visit to your office. Too many marketing companies tout their "visits" to a webpage but purposely steer you away from the actual marketing leads they generate. A high-quality marketing company focuses on actual value and results for your firm.

Landing Page

A landing page is a specific website page built so that clients will take a specific action. A landing page is where a link takes them to book a consultation, fill out a form, or even read on a more specific topic. It often focuses on local SEO to target clients in your area that need legal services.

This commonly occurs when a client clicks on an ad. For example, a potential personal injury client clicks on your ad for car accident services. This takes them to your landing page describing what a car accident lawsuit is and why a personal injury lawyer can help. It includes key details that show you are knowledgeable in the area. 

The page also contains a link to contact you for a consultation of their case. This generates business through a professional and dedicated website page that drives client action.

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a request for a site visitor or marketing lead to take the next step towards becoming a client. At the end of many pages, there is a sentence that requests the visitor to "Contact us" or a button that links to your fillable contact page. 

A call to action encourages site traffic to turn into real business for your firm. This drives revenue and enhances the effectiveness of your law firm's marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the optimization of websites so they appear near the top of any search result. This is based on relevant keywords a client may type when looking for your services.

Keywords are phrases that represent the topic you want to build your page around. As an example, if you are a personal injury attorney in New York, a keyword phrase may be "New York personal injury attorney." This keyword would be properly placed and utilized within the body of the text so that search engines like Google consider it relevant. Relevant documents become top search results.

Clients do not want to read through hundreds of options before clicking on your site. They will most likely click those results that appear closer to the top of the search results. SEO practices make your pages relevant to drive more clients through the door.


Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a specific online advertising model. They utilize a set amount of payment each time a site visitor clicks on an ad.

This means a law firm only pays for the ads that get some kind of activity from the user — not simply because they may have looked at it. This helps you see a return on investment for your marketing effort.

Return on Investment

Return on investment (ROI) is the performance metric that determines your marketing campaign's success. When you pay for a service you expect to get a good return on that investment. The thing is, you need real data to show how your marketing strategies are successful.

Sometimes, marketing agencies focus on numbers that do little to show your actual ROI. Instead, you want a company that will look at hard numbers like lead generation and conversion rate. 

Lawyer Marketing Strategies

There are many ways to grow your law firm with marketing. A law firm marketing strategy can play a major part in how you are successful in the long term. A lawyer marketing company like Scorpion knows how to effectively utilize these types of strategies to focus on the right clients that are most likely to hire your firm. You can invest intelligently and save resources to improve your overall business revenue.

Know Your Audience

You need to know who you want to focus on in your advertising. Blanket advertising that hits everyone can bring in clients, but a more focused approach is likely to yield much better results. You want your marketing strategy to focus on what your client wants. 

You can better understand client demographics and focus your advertising on the key areas you want to increase. A successful marketing strategy also focuses on the clients as people and connects with them on a personal level. You need a team that combines market insights with knowledge of the unique aspects of lawyer marketing to reach out to potential clientele.

Stay in Your Marketing Budget

You can tailor your marketing plan to a specific marketing budget. You can determine what you should or can spend on advertising. Your marketing company can also help you make this determination.

Working with professionals makes it easy to stay on target and still get excellent results.

Develop a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan lays out how you want your strategies to stay on track. This is very similar to a business plan in that it focuses on end goals and metric-driven checkpoints that help you get there. You can develop a concrete and actionable plan rather than the ambiguous plans many marketing companies offer.

This helps you set realistic goals that focus on your prospective client. This provides a higher return on investment for your small law firm and in any legal area you practice.

Be Aware of Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is an ever-increasing area that has shown high results for lawyers. This often takes the form of:

  • Blog posts

  • eBooks

  • Web pages

  • Social media posts

  • Podcasts

  • Videos

  • Other digital advertising

Content marketing does more than create an ad. It helps build brand awareness and develop loyalty to your firm. It shows that you have a high level of knowledge about your subject area. 

Use AI Data to Predict Consumer Patterns

Artificial intelligence systems help predict consumer patterns so that you can optimize your marketing strategies. These tools are highly complex and are best handled by a marketing team. The AI keeps up with preferences and trends to focus your advertising on your chosen market.

Legal clients especially are looking for specific things. AI and data analytics help profile the target audience and design specific marketing to entice them into signing with your firm.

What Is a Lawyer Marketing Campaign?

A lawyer marketing campaign uses different methods to advertise the law firm to the public. It's designed with specific goals in mind related to brand image, introducing services you offer, or increasing your client base. A campaign goal can have many different aims, but common ones for law firms include:

  • Advertising specific legal services like family law, criminal defense, or personal injury

  • Reputation management services and building a reputation in the community

  • Increasing search engine optimization across a website

  • Increasing search results and site visits

  • Increasing the number of clients that contact your firm

A marketing campaign is especially important for solo practitioners and small law firms. Your office doesn't need to hire a dedicated marketing employee or a have a whole department. Instead, you can partner with a legal marketing agency like Scorpion to build your lawyer marketing campaign. We know how to mold your online marketing to help your practice.

How to Create a Lawyer Marketing Campaign

There are many ways to build your lawyer marketing campaign. Different tools let you advertise across multiple media platforms to reach a wide audience. You can even target your advertisements to certain areas and types of sites to hone in on the potential clients you are looking for.

A lawyer marketing company can help you create a customized legal marketing campaign. We analyze the clients you are looking for, your market, and the most effective strategies to help you get the clients you want in your law practice. Through law firm SEO, internet marketing, and much more, we help you create your own lawyer marketing campaign.

Lawyer Marketing Campaign Examples

There are many examples of ways to create a lawyer marketing campaign. These methods and tools are key to your firm's success in marketing to potential clients.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

Pay-per-click advertisement is a great way to increase ROI. You only pay for ads that people click on. The most famous example is Google AdWords, which are the ads you will see at the top of a Google search.

These PPC ads link directly to your landing page that is specific to the ad you are using. For example, a lawyer PPC ad may land on your family law page to advertise your services there. It will be specific to the type of services you mention in the ad to maintain client interest.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social media continues to capture the attention of the public. People spend a great deal of time on social media sources like:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

Creating a social media page for your firm gives these people a place to see what you offer and what you do. You can also use ads through these social media companies that users will see while scrolling. These are clickable and will take the potential client to your landing page.

Google My Business

As Google is the most popular search engine, people constantly use it to search for lawyers. You can claim your Google Business profile to help increase traffic to your firm. As a Google partner, it's an effective way to get noticed online.

By keeping your profile updated, you can get and respond to reviews for your firm. You can add a frequently asked questions section to help boost your SEO and even get visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). All of this occurs even without buying additional ads. It is a great way to increase your marketing ROI without a great deal of effort.

Email Marketing

Email marketing creates notifications, ads, newsletters, and more to dedicated lists. This is a powerful way to generate new and repeat client business. Email marketing should be tailored to your audience to avoid overburdening people's inboxes or looking too much like an ad. It requires consistency and intelligent strategizing to make this highly effective.

Content Marketing

Including content marketing is a key way to develop your lawyer marketing campaign. Legal content includes blog posts, landing pages, and other marketing materials like those listed above drive traffic to your site.

They are also an excellent way to optimize your search engine results and get more hits on search engines.

Videos and Webinars

Videos and webinars create content that explains certain legal concepts or areas of the law. They don't have to be long or complicated to drive traffic to your law firm. Many clients have questions about the law you can generally answer in a video.

When they watch your video and learn general highlights about the law, you direct them to you to get specific legal advice about their situation. You can include relevant, useful information to advertise your services as an attorney.

Website Design

Your website is a critical piece of how you represent yourself. You can elevate your website to make a powerful visual impact and fully inform your clients. You can demonstrate professional conduct that draws in clients and encourages them to contact your firm.

The right website design helps you stay connected with the clients who matter. Scorpion offers custom designs to build you a polished website. You can tell your story and give future clients the information they need to pick you over the competition.

Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing mediums can still be an integral part of your lawyer marketing campaign. Some of the best old-school methods still get great results. Many of these methods include:

  • Direct mail to customers

  • Promotional postcards

  • Billboards

  • Radio and television advertisements

  • Local white or yellow pages

  • Advertising in local newspapers or magazines

  • Sponsorship of local events

Tools For Lawyer Marketing

The right tools streamline your marketing campaign to increase your ROI. You want to maximize the potential clients you bring in without spending a fortune on ineffective techniques. These tools help ensure you are reaching your target audience and getting real results from your advertising.

Using Analytics to Gain Insight

Analytics is a powerful tool to get insights into:

  • Points of reference: This shows where your visitors come from. You will know if they found you through Google Ads, your social media profile, or even a simple search.

  • Website interaction: Analytics can measure how people interact with your website. This includes time spent on the site, where they click, and what pages get the most traffic.

  • Audience details: Analytics tools look at who's looking at your pages and ads. This includes details like age, gender, location, and other important information.

Google Analytics lets you see this important information. Analytics lets you tweak marketing strategies to focus on what's working the best.

Lead Management

Lead management focuses on the leads that start to pour in. Now that they keep coming, you need an effective way to handle them. Not every lead will get through the marketing funnel to end with a purchase, but many will. You can increase the number that does make it to the purchase stage by "nurturing" these leads.

Personalized messages, phone calls, or even a chat feature can help clients feel important and cared for. They want a personal touch without having to reach out with too much effort. Lead management gives you the tools to walk this fine line and increase client satisfaction with your marketing techniques.

Website Management

As we've mentioned, your website is such an important part of how you appear to your client base. You can manage your website with plugins and add-ons that help:

  • Increase website security and privacy protection

  • Improve SEO practices and local SEO

  • Add client support options

  • Keep up with the latest digital trends

  • Handle re-design and content updates

  • Deal with any technical issues that arise

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to strategies and practices that analyze customer interactions and keep them coming back. Your customers are your clients. You want to track and improve client satisfaction to grow your practice and increase client retention.

Large firms and companies use CRM all the time. You can as well on a scale that fits your small to medium law firm. Through Scorpion, you have access to CRM technology as part of your overall marketing tools. This helps you compete in a crowded marketplace and build long-term success for your firm.

The marketing tools you choose for your business will help you to automate and improve processes so you have more time to run your best law firm. With the right tools you can save money and improve your marketing spend as well. 

Get Help With Lawyer Marketing From Scorpion

Scorpion can help you develop and implement a successful lawyer marketing plan. Our legal marketing services are the smart way to grow your practice. We are trusted by thousands of law firms to boost their visibility and maximize marketing efficiency. We use cutting-edge technology and offer award-winning service.

Whether you want to bring in more clients or focus on higher-value cases, we have decades of helping firms like yours achieve their goals. Our platform makes it easy to build cost-effective campaigns and build your reputation. You can say goodbye to hours of self-created marketing that fails to reach your intended audience.

We are here to help you build the right lawyer marketing campaign for your business. Get started with us to learn what we can do for you.

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