Not all leads are created equal. Check out our new Leads AI.

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Not All Leads Are Created Equal Increase lead conversion—effortlessly, with Leads AI by Scorpion

Know which leads are the most valuable, where to focus your time, and where things can improve. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Leads AI scores, analyzes, and rates each of your leads to give you marketing insights that drive more revenue.

With Leads AI, there’s no guesswork. Only growth.

Let Leads AI Answer the Questions You’ve Been Asking

  • Which leads are most valuable?

    Leads AI instantly assesses the potential customer's level of intent and their likelihood of becoming a customer. It's about recognizing the quality of leads, not just the quantity.

  • What opportunities should I prioritize?

    Leads AI scores and prioritizes leads based on your business's unique needs and our extensive digital marketing experience, so you can focus on the highest-converting opportunities.

  • Where are my best customers coming from?

    Leads AI’s in-depth analysis of lead performance identifies the most effective paid and organic channels for your business, ensuring every marketing dollar you invest goes to the places that give you the highest return.

  • How can I improve my lead-to-booking rate?

    Leads AI analyzes each customer interaction to provide suggestions for your team. Get the insights on how each lead is handled to close more jobs faster, even in complex conversations.

  • How can I attract more ideal customers?

    By identifying which leads are most likely to convert to high-revenue opportunities, Leads AI helps us refine our strategy and technology to target your ideal customers— knowing where they are and what they're buying — so you can attract more of them.

  • As Leads AI learns what is most valuable for you, it informs and trains every part of our marketing strategy to drive more revenue for your business.


How Leads AI Works

  • Call Tracking and Recording

    Leads AI tracks and records all calls and conversations, capturing valuable data for analysis.

  • Call Transcriptions Driving Actionable Insights

    Every call transcription feeds actionable insights, providing a clear understanding of customer interactions.

  • AI-Powered Analysis

    Utilizing artificial intelligence, Leads AI analyzes the transcribed data to uncover key patterns and trends.

  • Instant Summary and Details

    Leads AI generates immediate summaries and detailed reports, delivering actionable information at your fingertips.

  • Partnering for Growth

    Leads AI sends this data to advertising platforms like like Google, Meta, and Bing, refining marketing strategies to attract more of the leads you want.


Grow with Scorpion

For over twenty years, Scorpion has been dedicated to helping local business owners navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals. Our award-winning AI-driven technology and marketing experts help your business stand out. We've helped clients generate 100 million leads and drive over one billion website visitors.

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Expert-Backed Insights

Behind Leads AI's advanced technology is a team of marketing experts with two decades of experience working with local businesses like yours. This expertise, in combination with our data and insights, strengthens our AI with real-world industry knowledge to grow your business.

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