Not all leads are created equal. Check out our new Leads AI.

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Not All Leads Are Created Equal Increase lead conversion—effortlessly, with Leads AI by Scorpion

Know which leads are the most valuable, where to focus your time, and where things can improve. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Leads AI scores, analyzes, and rates each of your leads to give you marketing insights that drive more revenue.

With Leads AI, there’s no guesswork. Only growth.

Let Leads AI Answer the Questions You’ve Been Asking

  • Get Ahead Faster

    Scorpion's AI identifies the right local keyword strategy to help you outrank your competition.

  • Attract High-Quality Leads

    Bring in valuable leads with targeted strategies tailored to your goals.

  • Know What’s Working

    Measure success easily and get more of the 
right leads.

Leads AI

How Leads AI Works
  • AI-Driven Search Optimization

    Ranking AI analyzes data points to optimize content for search engine visibility.

  • Tailor-Made Plan

    Customizes strategies for specific market and industry needs.

  • Clear Reporting

    Understand business performance with an easy-to-read dashboard and 
AI-driven insights.


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For over twenty years, Scorpion has been dedicated to helping local business owners navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals. Our award-winning AI-driven technology and marketing experts help your business stand out. We've helped clients generate 100 million leads and drive over one billion website visitors.

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Expert-Backed Insights

Behind Leads AI's advanced technology is a team of marketing experts with two decades of experience working with local businesses like yours. This expertise, in combination with our data and insights, strengthens our AI with real-world industry knowledge to grow your business.

Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with Leads AI by Scorpion. Book a demo today and see the difference it can make for your business.

Leads AI Get More of the Leads You Want, and Less of the Ones You Don’t

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