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Know Exactly What's Driving Revenue Get greater visibility and even greater returns 
for your business with the Scorpion ROI App.

Scorpion’s ROI App gives you a 360-degree view of your marketing performance, reporting on metrics from initial interest to customer conversion to the revenue closed. With the integration between Scorpion and your CRM system, clearly see how your marketing investment impacts your return on investment (ROI).

Know Every Dollar Earned for Every Dollar Spent


    Get a full view of your marketing performance’s ROI, from first contact to final sales outcome.

  • REVENUE-DRIVEN Targeting

    Understand the cities your customers are coming from and the channels that bring your business the most money.

  • REVENUE-MINDED Decisions

    Move your budget to the right places so your schedule stays full and your business continues to grow.

Built For You

Here's How It Works

  • Seamless Data Integration

    The ROI App seamlessly connects with your customer data from your CRM, pulling in valuable insights without any manual input.

  • Comprehensive Tracking

    Follow every step of a lead’s journey through your marketing funnel. From initial interest to final purchase, the ROI App ensures you have a complete view.

  • Smart Insights

    By analyzing this data, the ROI App identifies which marketing efforts generate revenue in specific areas, providing actionable insights that optimize your strategies automatically.

  • Clear Performance Metrics

    Understand your business performance from a simple-to-digest, easy-to-understand reporting dashboard.

Proven Success

Grow with Scorpion

For over twenty years, Scorpion has been dedicated to helping local business owners navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals. Our award-winning AI-driven technology and marketing experts help your business stand out. We've helped clients generate 100 million leads and drive overone billion website visitors.

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Better Return on Investment

Make Decisions Based on
the Data that Truly Matters

When integrated with your CRM, the ROI App empowers you to cut through the noise and focus on the metrics and reporting that drive business growth. Save your time and energy, and produce a greater ROI.

Scorpion’s ROI App No Guesswork. Only Growth.

Stop spending valuable time piecing together what’s working and what’s not. Invest confidently in strategies
that drive real growth and improve your marketing ROI.