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Top Video Marketing Tips for Home Services

Video marketing tips
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If you’re new to video marketing, you might be sitting there thinking, “There's no way I can create video content. I don't want to be on camera. How would I even edit a social video or product video?”

Don't worry, this self-doubt is normal in the beginning – especially for small business owners or marketers. But video marketing can propel your business and digital marketing into the 21st century.

The best way to maximize your home services company’s video marketing is to jump in with a strategy. Video marketers spent $75 billion in online video marketing last year, so while there is room for everyone in the market, reaching your audience efficiently will take some planning. This guide will cover today’s top tips to hit the ground running and succeed at video marketing.

How Video Marketing Can Boost Your Efforts

93% of companies regularly gain new customers from video content marketing, which means those that don’t take advantage of video content could fall behind. Video opens new marketing avenues, combining the face-to-face aspects of the physical world with the internet’s vast geographic reach.

Video marketing is so effective that 58% of consumers call it “vital to their learning process and growth,” 69% prefer video tutorials over reading information about a product, service, or company, and most importantly, 95% of customers remember the information presented in videos. Here is a look at some of the ways video marketing can improve your company’s marketing efforts.

Form Personal Connections With Your Audience

In-person communication is an essential part of building connections in a business. Because in-person interactions are lost by the nature of the internet, the use of video marketing can help emulate a similar degree of personal connection with your viewers. Companies that integrate video marketing grow their revenue 49% faster on average than those without.

Adding video to your marketing strategy can help you:

  • Get your message in front of the right audience.
  • Make the most of your marketing tools and use them in multiple capacities.
  • Boost search engine optimization (SEO) by enhancing your backlinking and authority on Google, Bing, and other major engines.

Your Video Library Can Be Diverse

  • One of the major appeals of video marketing is its inherent variety. You can create many kinds of videos for your content marketing deliverables to serve different customer or business needs:
  • An explainer video is a short, instructional, and informational video that offers simple explanations of your company’s services, such as air conditioning repair.
  • Product videos explain the ins and outs of your company’s products and services, including possible applications or uses for a roofing product, the pros and cons of different appliances, and more.
  • Brand videos dig into your company’s identity, including its mission, core values, and other important qualities.
  • Animated videos are clips that use animation to tell a story about your brand or service you offer. For example, you can include diagrams, statistics, and important facts about something like home energy efficiency.
  • Educational videos are how-to informational videos teaching customers about common “quality of life” concerns. One example might be “How to Safely Run Indoor Heating In Winter.”
  • Live videos are produced in real-time and unscripted, allowing for direct interaction between you and your audience. This is a good way to answer questions and gather raw feedback.
  • Social video ads engage target audiences on specific social media channels. This can involve sharing short portions of your other videos as well as clips created specifically to drive traffic to your website or landing pages.

Better Reach Your Customers

There are many video marketing platforms including Facebook Live, Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight, and YouTube Video + YouTube Shorts. Each has its own audience as well as unique advantages and disadvantages. If you learn where your customers spend their time, you can reach them more efficiently and drive traffic to your social media channels, website, blogs, guides, and other resources where they can learn more about your company and its offerings.

Your audience needs to get to know the companies they trust with their home maintenance, renovations, and other related services. When your video content strongly resonates with your potential customer/viewers, they will be more likely to interact, increasing brand awareness and strengthening your reputation. As more people interact with your content, your place on the search engine results page improves, which funnels more prospective customers to your business.

It Doesn’t Take Much To Get Started

Video marketing is one of the few digital strategies you can execute with just a smartphone camera. However, you may want to invest in some additional production equipment as you become more serious:

  • Tripods: These allow filmmakers to capture steady shots in any location. Some are designed for stationary filming while others keep devices steady as you move.
  • Microphones: There are many types and sizes, but all are designed to capture and amplify your voice with clarity and precision. Some even help filter out background noise.
  • Video editing software: Many creators use Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie to edit videos and enhance their quality before publishing.

Start small and scale your video production quality over time. It’s okay to have “amateur” production values. Eighty-eight percent of marketersreport a positive return on investment with video marketing, and your amateur takes may even help sell your brand’s authenticity.

Post as Much as You Want

Many marketing videos feature normal, everyday people because they’re targeting normal, everyday people. In online video marketing, customers want to see someone they can relate to, and posting often will increase your views and your chances of reaching the right people.

Grab the Viewer’s Attention Fast and Keep It Short

You only have about 2.7 seconds to capture someone’s attention online, and the most successful videos are 60 seconds or fewer. Engage your audience with entertaining YouTube Shorts covering quick facts, stats, market updates, product teases, deals, and sneak peeks behind the brand.

Take the Plunge Into Video Marketing Today

Video marketing is ultimately about forging a connection between your customers and your brand. Pairing it with other marketing tools can revitalize your efforts while fostering loyalty. Customers tend to do business with companies they like and relate to, and video marketing provides an excellent opportunity to build bonds with them.

While video marketing is relatively simple on the surface, it can be challenging to get the ball rolling on any new strategy for your home services business. If you’re looking for an expert team to help you hit the ground running, Scorpion Studios is here to walk you through each step as you build your first online video marketing campaign. Contact us today to get started.