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12 of the Best Websites to Inspire Your Home Services Business Web Design

best website examples for home services
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Business today is mainly digital, which is why all companies need an effective website that acts as a 24/7 sales representative.

A good website adds credibility to your business. That is why web design is the perfect way to attract an audience. But, a call to action (CTA) button and navigation menu aren't often enough.

To build a powerful website, you need an expert who knows all about your business. Your website must be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and turn visitors into customers. Otherwise, it's time to upgrade.

Here are some of the best website examples for inspiration to help advertise your business.

Best Website Examples for Home Services

The sites below are great website templates to use to inspire your own site. They use responsive website designs and include innovative design elements. Look through our list to get inspired and learn the basics of web design.

1. Arcurve

Arcurve's website design format is simple and easy to navigate - what more could you want? For instance, they have a diagram that shows all of their services and technologies.

This allows the visitor and soon-to-be customer to see what Arcurve offers in a brief look. The website layout uses white space and simple elements to help visitors clearly see the important information.

If potential customers discover something of interest, they can connect with Arcurve. All they have to do is click the contact button under the diagram. This way, Arcurve makes something as complex as software development look simpler to access.

Their layout makes it easy for all their site visitors to explore relevant information on organized landing pages. The website also features a list for users to see to get more information.

2. Cart2Cart

Cart2Cart is the perfect design inspiration if you need a personal website to reach your desired customers. Cart2Cart attracts customers with the help of migrating shopping cart tools. Clicking on the drop-down menu for each box opens a pop-up window. This allows visitors to select from specific cart options.

The best part about the Cart2Cart website is that the layout makes visitors much more likely to explore the web page and interact with its content. The first page immediately shows visitors where to start.

3. Achievers

Rather than taking WordPress themes as an idea, the Achievers created a responsive website for digital marketing. The visual elements on the main page represent a collection of programs that hook the user.

Further down the website are icons that explain their services. This excites visitors and encourages them to browse the website.

Their service page focuses only on their customers' needs. Meanwhile, other pages include articles that help visitors understand those services.

4. Stortford Interiors

Stortford Interiors uses what is known as a portfolio website to showcase examples of the architecture that they design. Their service page includes details and pictures of their work. It also includes sections specifying their services and sub-services.

Stortford Interiors used direction buttons to keep visitors engaged. These buttons move to the next section or down the page for further exploration.

The letter fonts, bright colors, and large images keep the website easy on the eyes. It reflects their business, making it the best example of visual marketing.

5. Hootsuite

If you're looking to get inspired by something more vibrant, Hootsuite shows how to use pops of color. It does a great job with interactive elements and bold colors.

Their service page includes services for new users as well as customers seeking ongoing help. Both options carry visual features to help connect with the customer and solve the problem.

The Hootsuite website is very attractive to visitors. It keeps them interested long enough to study the content without overwhelming them.

6. Domo

Regarding user experience, Domo may have the most interesting layout for a business website. Their service page allows customers to choose solutions based on their roles. Hovering over an icon allows the customer to read related posts about their services.

This webpage takes the cake when it comes to organization and simplicity. Of course, the Domo website has all rights reserved, but picking out a few interesting elements will help you with ideas for your business website.

7. SEKA Moving

The SEKA Moving website delivers the versatility of the company's services. The horizontal menu provides all the required information. Meanwhile, the FAQ section below answers all the common questions of the clients.

This website combines an appealing hero image, bright colors, and business-related articles. It also has resourceful blog posts and useful tools. If you want to develop a homepage design like this, the expert user experience (UX) designers at Scorpion can help you build your own enhanced webpage.

8. Piece of Cake

This website's stunning color theme appeals to the millennial market. Of course, it features basics like CTA buttons and interactive visuals. But the quirky layout and responsive customer service are social proof of this website's uniqueness.

A color scheme like Piece of Cake will help your website flourish and gain a younger audience.

9. Gutter Guards America

This 5-star reviewed website belongs to America's top-rated gutter guard, which is available to residents of New York and San Francisco, among others.

This website displays its services and national footprint on the main page. They've also shared related blogs as a powerful marketing tactic to add to their credibility.

An interactive eCommerce website can be the right choice for your business. Take some inspiration from this one on how to build trust with a customer base that counts on you.

10. Rockville Interiors

Rockville Interiors offers interior design services. That is why its website features stunning pictures that match its services. The horizontal navigation on the main page provides easy access to information. The drop-down menus make it even more neat and appealing.

This website is minimalist at its best and doesn't have cluttered pages with overwhelming details. The well-organized interface even includes a CTA button for free consultations. Lastly, the added affiliate program on their website makes it even more connected.

11. Cove

Cove has a clean and intuitive web design featuring an autoplay video. This takes only a few moments of the visitor’s time to show how easy it is to install a Cove home security system. Video tutorials help potential customers understand a product better. That is why Cove is killing the game.

The website also confirms the company’s credibility. It does so by displaying its awards on the home page. Product superiority is a great way to build customer trust. Finally, a quick CTA button follows their awards list to get a quote.

12. Houzz

Houzz has a stylish but simple website. It features a CTA button, leading customers to register for their services. Their "Get Ideas" drop-down menu lets customers sort photo inspiration by room.

In simpler words, this website is the epitome of simplicity and accessibility. Their shop is also easy to navigate, featuring sliding visuals that match the modern look.

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Website builder agencies often care only about the appearance of your company's website. But, Scorpion web designers focus on your audience, industry, and credibility. We test your site ourselves, use a portfolio website if needed, and help customers realize how you can serve them.

Scorpion designs web pages for home services businesses of all types. Reap all the benefits of online marketing by contacting Scorpion. Then, you can earn potential clients with a trendy and appealing website.

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