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The Sharpest Tool™: What You Missed in Episodes 4-7

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If you’re a home services professional looking to beef up your marketing and attract more calls from local customers, The Sharpest Tool™ podcast is here to help (click here to subscribe).

Here’s what we covered in the month of February…

Episode 4—Google’s New Product: Local Services AdsHolleigh from Scorpion.

If you haven’t heard, Google’s done something VERY SPECIAL for plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians...Local Services Ads.

In Episode #4 of The Sharpest Tool™, you’ll learn from a home services marketing expert who knows everything there is to know about Google’s New Local Services Ads, and how you can use them to generate better leads, better jobs, and more revenue for your business.

Click here for the full episode.

Episode 5: Why Branding Matters for Your Home Services Business Nicolas Bosco from Scorpion.

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. The stronger your brand is in the community, the more calls, jobs, and cash your business will attract on a monthly basis.

In Episode #5 of The Sharpest Tool™, you’ll hear a Director of Internet Marketing at one of the nation’s largest home services marketing agencies discuss the importance of consistent branding. You’ll also hear him discuss how you can enhance your business’ brand to become a household name in the community.

Click here for the full episode.

Episode 6: Building Trust Through Video MarketingJill Wilson from Scorpion.

If your customers don’t trust you, they won’t call you. So, how do you build that initial trust?

You use video marketing.

In Episode #6 of The Sharpest Tool™, a Vice President of Media Development and Public Relations talks about the power of video marketing. Learn how to build a stronger, more personalized connection with your target audience and generate more business as a result.

Click here for the full episode.

Episode 7: How to Use Persona-Based Marketing to Get More LeadsCorey Quinn from Scorpion.

The more you understand how your customers think and how they find your business, the easier it is to create marketing they can’t ignore.

In Episode #7 of The Sharpest Tool™, a Chief Marketing Officer shares how home services professionals can use customer research to craft more effective marketing campaigns that drive massive returns in the form of increased revenue.

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