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How to Use YouTube for Your Home Services Business

youtube for home services business
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Rebecca Riserbato

YouTube is a powerful content marketing channel and social media marketing tool — that’s why YouTube is the most popular video marketing platform this year. In fact, 88% of video marketers plan to include YouTube in their 2022 video marketing strategy. Additionally, 83% of video marketers said they believe YouTube has been an effective channel for them.

Whether or not you consider yourself a content creator, YouTube marketing should be part of your social media strategy and greater marketing strategy. This social media channel has myriad of benefits when it comes to marketing your home services business and interacting with your potential customers, current customers, and greatest promoters.

How to Use YouTube for Business

In this article, we’ll review how you can use YouTube for your home services business, why video marketing on the platform and YouTube advertising marketing are so important, and how to create a YouTube marketing strategy for your business.

What is YouTube marketing?

YouTube marketing is a form of social media marketing that entails creating an account on the platform — specifically, a Brand Account and Channel for your business — to share and promote YouTube videos to your prospects, customers, and other interested YouTube users.

To improve your ability to promote your YouTube content among your target audience, you may use YouTube advertisements and other tools for reporting to understand the success of your content among your personas.

Why is YouTube Marketing Valuable for Your Home Services Business

Online videos and video content are powerful — in fact, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool today, and 92% of marketers “value video as an important part of their marketing strategy.” YouTube is the most-used video marketing platform — 86% of video marketers have leveraged it this year.

You can use YouTube to reach more potential customers, promote brand awareness, share thought-leadership content, answer FAQs and other customer questions, broadcast your brand message to yourtarget audience, engage with your viewers and customers, and acquire qualified leads and traffic.

Here are some more reasons YouTube can be such a valuable and beneficial part of your marketing strategy for your home services business.

  • Generate revenue from YouTube through the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Create a Brand Account to promote your home services business and your unique content on the platform.

  • Use it for free.

  • Use YouTube SEO to help your content and brand appear in the search engine results when your audience is searching for relevant terms and keywords.

  • Use YouTube live to create broadcast live video content.

How to Create a YouTube Marketing Strategy for Your Home Services Business

1. Create a YouTube Brand Account.

YouTube is a Google company. So to kickstart your YouTube marketing strategy for your home services business, make sure you have both a YouTube account and a Google Account. Start by creating a Google Account. You can use this to log into and/or create a YouTube account.

If you already have a YouTube channel, you can add it to your Brand Account so that your team can collaborate on the content you’re sharing via YouTube. If you don’t, create a new YouTube account, click “new channel,” and create a “Brand Account.”

A YouTube Brand Account, or a YouTube Business Account, is how you can create a Business YouTube Channel — meaning you can create a brand presence for your home services business on YouTube, invite channel managers to the account so you and your team can all collaborate on the channel to share your branding, logo, unique content, and more via the platform.

2. Customize your Brand Account.

Customize your Brand Account with your home services’ logo and business information so it’s clear to anyone who visits your channel who you are and what it is you do. You can add your biography and “About” information. Customize channel art (e.g. channel’s header image) channel icon, and/or profile image.

There’s also an option to add a channel trailer that is similar to any other video trailer (or short commercial) you might watch to advertise and share what your audience can expect to watch and view on your account.

3. Produce and share your video content.

Now it’s time to produce and share your video content on your Channel. When coming up with your video idea and creating the content, keep your buyer/user personas in mind to ensure you’re creating content that they care about and will find valuable.

When you go to post your video on your account, be sure to include a video title and a video description that contains relevant keywords (this will help with your YouTube search engine optimization or SEO). You should also add a call-to-action (CTA) to your content to engage your audience. For example, the CTA on your videos may be to subscribe to your Channel for more valuable content.

4. Create ads to promote your content.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is a Google company. Meaning you’ll be interacting with Google Ads when you establish your YouTube advertisements. Use YouTube Ads and campaigns to target your precise audience wherever they’re already watching video content. You can also use Google Ads to create online video ads that target your target audience and prospects when and where they’re watching video content.

5. Interact with your audience.

One of the most important aspects of a successful YouTube strategy for any business is to interact with your audience. This means engaging with their comments and interactions on your account. If they ask a question or give feedback on one of your videos, respond. This type of engagement allows you to grow and maintain your subscriber base and helps you foster lasting relationships with your customers and target personas.

6. Measure your results and iterate on your YouTube strategy.

Measure and analyze the results of your YouTube content. By understanding the success of your content, and where you have room for improvement, you’ll be able to better tailor your content to your customers and target audience. You’ll also be able to create benchmarks for what YouTube success looks like as part of your overall marketing strategy to establish attainable KPIs and goals for future content.

To help you measure the results of your YouTube marketing strategy and better understand how the content supports your overall marketing strategy, use YouTube tools and non-YouTube tools. Here are some examples.

Start Using YouTube for Your Home Services Business

Video marketing is exploding and can be a great way to connect with your audience and tell your story. YouTube is a powerful tool that can help your home services business grow brand awareness, create engaging content that provides great value for your target audience, and connect with your current customers and brand advocates — ultimately, it can provide a way to bring in more business and increase revenue.

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