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Production Made Easy

Getting started with video marketing can seem daunting. You need to consider the script, the budget, where you want to shoot, the equipment you will need, and of course, the goals of the video.

That’s just the preproduction to consider. With post-production work following, it can be difficult for a company to produce high-quality content that meets the expectation of your marketing strategies.

Scorpion helps your business leverage the power of video by creating a plan with you and then using our production team to create the videos you envisioned.

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Customer Attention Is Business Momentum

Video marketing is a solid route to increase brand awareness and create engagement on your social media platforms. After all, people are more inclined to watch a video than read an article. This type of creative content can also be used to build up other marketing efforts, such as emails and blog posts.

You’re also more likely to rank well with video content because search engines like to provide videos in answer to inquiries. Why? Because videos are an easily shareable form of content. The more people share your videos, the more backlinks you build, and the better you’ll rank for search engines.

That’s why it’s important to utilize SEO keywords in your script and post your videos on your website and social media. Scorpion helps you produce videos for your brand that combine an entertaining story and data analytics to capture important keywords while maintaining the audience’s attention.

Show Your Audience  Your Story

Video marketing is an ideal way to introduce your story to your target audience. Not only can video capture your emotions (where written content would lack), but it also provides a visual connection that feels more personal to the viewer.

It can also provide a better avenue to introduce your products or services. Remember those Billy May commercials? He successfully unpacked the effectiveness of his cleaning product with smart language and personality.

There’s no quicker — or more impactful — way to tell a story than through video. Whether you want to convey what your brand is all about, or showcase customer success stories, Scorpion video production handles the logistics and planning so you can focus on the message.

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How to Get Started with Video Marketing

What You Need to Consider for Video Marketing

As with any approach to marketing, you need to have a point to your strategy, and video marketing is no different. If you’re doing it just because it’s what your competitors are doing, it could be a great way to waste your time and money.

However, if you start off on your video marketing journey by creating the goal you want to achieve and pinpointing the audience you want to reach, you’ll be in good shape. Coming up with your strategy will be easier once you answer those first two questions. Next, you want to set a budget (and stick to it). That may mean you have to keep your creative elements under control, but a quality production doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Remember to keep your goals in mind during video creation, and don’t forget to be yourself. Pulling away the curtain and letting people see the wizard is a great way to build solid customer connections for you and your business.

What Are the Four Main Types of Video Marketing

Your video marketing can be whatever you want to make, but there are four main types that companies like to develop: education, company culture, product, or testimonials. Some businesses also delve into the world of multi-video series, which consists of mini-documentaries and web series, but we’ll focus on the main four.

Education and product videos are used to provide information to the audience. If you’re developing an educational video, you will teach the audience something. A lot of service-based companies can take advantage of this type of content.

If you’re an HVAC company, you can develop education videos on how to do home care maintenance. Product videos are usually put out to introduce a new product or show how a current one works.

Testimonials and company culture videos build brand awareness for your company. Testimonials (usually provided by happy customers) provide faith in your business. Generally, businesses put this type of content on their website. Company culture videos give a glimpse of how things look and work behind the scenes of your business and build on the personality of your brand.

There’s a strategy that accompanies each type of video, and most likely, your business can utilize any and all.

How Video Marketing Can Boost Your Brand Awareness and Growth

Unless you’re selling a very straightforward product such as clothing or sports equipment, developing user understanding without video content can be difficult. Text-only digital advertising can get you far, but only so far. Video marketing can drive home what your product or service is all about—all while putting yourself and your story in front of your customers.

A clever video campaign can get you more shares on social media, more conversion rates, and higher ranks on search engine results, which directly impacts your growth and sales. There is a big potential to tap into evoking emotions with videos services using tone of voice, music, even facial expressions. And that’s the human touch that people are looking for.

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    Video services can be a vital way to build trust with your customers. However, it’s essential to have a team that can create the right plan and execution so your video makes the impact you want.

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