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A Plumber's Guide to Social Media

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As a plumber, you likely spend time when you’re not working directly with customers thinking about how you can keep growing your local business. One effective and important strategy is social media.

Whether or not you’re a plumber who has already created a social media presence for your small business, this guide is here to help you understand how to use social media as a means to grow your brand.

Plumber Social Media

Plumber social media is about using social media platforms to share unique and compelling content and information that helps you improve your brand presence, promote your plumbing services, increase brand loyalty, and engage and interact with your audience.

A successful plumber social media strategy is one that is tied to your other marketing and advertising tactics. For example, align your plumber social media marketing ideas with your other digital marketing, content marketing, and email marketing campaigns. This will allow you to market more efficiently, refurbish content for multiple channels on and off of social, as well as align your messaging across all marketing materials.

What social media channels should you be on?

To determine which social media channels or social media platforms you should be on, begin by understanding your buyer personas. If you don’t already have buyer/customer personas, be sure to create them.

By learning about your customers on a deep level before beginning work on your plumber social media strategy, you’ll have the information you need to know which platforms your target audience spends the most time on. From there, determine which platforms — such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube — your plumbing company should have profiles on.

If you decide to use multiple social media channels, consider leveraging a social media management tool like Scorpion which has a variety of social media management features meant for plumbers including centralized channel tracking.

What kind of posts should you do?

When it comes to thinking about which types of social media advertising/social posts your plumbing business should share, start by determining how much budget you want to put towards your paid ad strategy. You can use paid social ads to ensure your social media posts are placed in front of members of your target audience at the time they’re searching for a plumbing company like yours. Then, use organic posts — which are free to share — to promote brand awareness and grow your following.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube all offer paid advertising options. For instance, create Facebook Ads by setting a budget and selecting your advertisement’s layout and format. Identify the audience you want it to be seen by based on characteristics like their location and age. Then publish your paid advertisement and track your success through the platform.

Another way you may think about deciding which kinds of plumber social posts you’ll create involves looking back at the channels you already selected in the above step. For example, on YouTube, you’ll create videos. On Instagram, you may publish images and videos. The key is that you’re creating unique plumbing content that’s memorable and on-brand to drive engagement.

To help with this, your plumbing business may choose to lean on Scorpion. The home services marketing tool has a variety of features specifically created for plumbing businesses. Let Scorpion curate one-of-a-kind content that you can share across your social profiles as well as throughout other parts of your digital marketing strategy (e.g. in your email marketing campaigns, on your website’s landing pages, in your content marketing materials such as blogs, and more).

Plumber Social Media Examples

Think of the following examples as plumber social media marketing ideas that can be used as inspiration for the content you share across your profiles.

Plumber Social Media Example: Facebook

This plumber Facebook post is unique and effective because it puts one of the company’s plumbers in their client’s shoes. This plumber understands and relates to these customer pain points and knows how to resolve them.

Plumber Social Media Example: Instagram

By sharing the fact that they’ve been in business for over 70 years, Earl’s Plumbing is building trust and credibility around their brand. They also make it very easy to get in touch by providing two options for ways to contact the business (via phone and email).

Plumber Social Media Example: Twitter

This Twitter post is an example of how a plumbing business can share a customer review on Instagram. It serves as social proof that your plumbing leads and followers can trust your business.

Plumber Social Media Example: YouTube

The post at the top of this YouTube search depicts a paid plumbing YouTube Ad. This local business in North Carolina is using paid ads so that whenever someone searches “plumber in North Carolina,” their business is the first to appear on the YouTube results page.

Plumber Social Media Strategy

A plumber social media strategy is a plan for how your plumbing company will strategically use social media marketing to improve brand awareness and online presence, bring in new customers, and promote your plumbing services. There are several parts of your social media strategy that your plumbing business will want to consider to make it as effective as possible for both potential customers and current clients.

In addition to identifying which social media channels you’ll use and what types of posts will be shared across those channels — which we discussed above — consider each of the following plumber social media strategy tips.

Tip 1: Set plumber marketing goals to gauge your social media success.

Set SMART goals that you’ll track to understand and measure the success of your plumber social media marketing strategy over time. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. For example, if your goal in the first half of 2023 is to improve brand awareness, your SMART goal for social may be, “Increase our number of followers on Facebook by 3% during the first half of 2023.”

Once you have your goals set, continually track them — you can do so via the analytics tools that different social platforms offer (e.g. Facebook Insights), Google Analytics, and Scorpion.

Tracking your social media success via Scorpion is especially beneficial since the platform manages all other aspects of your plumbing marketing plan. Meaning it creates a single source of truth for all things related to your plumbing marketing strategy.

Tip 2: Make your social media profiles and plumbing website visible to your target audience.

To increase your following on social media and improve overall brand awareness, your plumbing company must invest in search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine marketing allows your business and content to appear on the search engine results page (SERP) when audience members are actively for plumbing-related information.

Optimized and engaging social media content contributes to SEO and vice versa. The more engaged your audience is on your quality and unique content, the greater authority Google gives to your brand name on social and the web. This pushes your ranking higher on the SERP and surfaces your plumbing business to more audience members across various channels.

Local SEO can help local plumbing businesses with SEO. So your business appears on the SERP when someone searches “local plumber,” take the following steps:

For both general and local SEO tips, use an SEO service like Scorpion to track rankings and consistently optimize your content.

Tip 3: Use a digital marketing service with plumbing marketing features.

Rather than working with a marketing agency to help you with all aspects of plumber social media management, use a self-service tool with automation and additional support from subject matter experts. A social media management tool supports social media content planning, publication, tracking, interaction with audience members, and more.

With Scorpion, for example, your plumbing business can schedule social posts across a variety of channels to avoid manually publishing them. You can also lean on content creators to help your plumbing business make unique and memorable social media and web content that drives engagement.

Not only does a social media management tool like Scorpion save you time upfront, but the same is true after your content is published. Since all social media channels are tracked in a single location, the platform offers insights that you can learn from and iterate on in the future.

Begin Using Plumber Social Media

Begin using plumber social media and the tips that we covered above to help your plumbing company achieve its marketing goals, improve brand awareness, and drive more business.

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