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Customer Persona Examples for Home Services

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No matter which type of home service your business offers, you need to know your customers. By understanding your target audience on a deep level, you’ll greatly improve your ability to attract, convert, and retain your customers.

How can you accomplish this?

One of the most effective ways to get to know your buyers is by creating customer personas.

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Customer Personas

Customer personas — also known as buyer personas — are realistic representations of your target audience that are grouped based on traits or characteristics (such as goals, challenges, or demographic information) they share. Customer personas allow you to understand the people you’re selling and marketing to on a deep level.

Why are customer personas important?

With personas, your entire business will have the information necessary to effectively target customers and create a delightful user experience that keeps them coming back. Customer personas help marketing teams create targeted ads and content. They help sales teams personalize outreach and the various sales cycle stages. And they allow product and engineering teams to plan, build, and produce services and products that meet their unique needs.

How to Define Your Customer Personas

You may be wondering how to begin creating your customer personas. To define your personas, perform customer research that allows you to identify the common and defining characteristics they have. Depending on how established your business is, this may entail looking at current customers, prospective customers, or both. Examples of the typical traits you may use to define your personas are:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Motivations
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Job (level and title)
  • Industry

Once you’ve defined your customer personas, you can consolidate them into persona profiles. We’ll cover some examples of what these profiles may look like below. They’ll be a critical reference point for you and your team while deploying your persona marketing strategy and tactics.

Persona Marketing (And Why It’s Important for Home Services Businesses)

Like most markets today, the home services industry is saturated with many businesses and services with similar offerings. This gives customers the upper hand as they have various options to choose from when it comes to the business they ultimately choose to hire. An effective way to make your home services business and brand stand out is through persona marketing.

What is persona marketing?

Persona marketing is the process of using your customer personas to guide your marketing strategy. It’s about targeting your audience through marketing materials and highly relevant content by honing in on the information you already know about them as a result of your customer personas. Persona marketing entails strategically using those customer personas as reference points throughout the stages of brainstorming, planning, producing, publishing, and distributing all of your marketing materials and content.

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Customer Persona Examples

Next, let’s look at some examples of what customer personas for your home services business may look like. You can use these examples as templates when creating your customer persona profiles.

1. Plumbing Business Example

When marketing your plumbing business, refer to the following template to create your customer persona.

Example Customer Persona Bio for Plumbing Business

Customer Background

Linda is a homeowner and small business owner. Her husband works long hours and travels during the week. Linda, her husband, and two children live in the Los Angeles area. She and her husband are conscious of their financials and spending. As a small business owner, Linda is very busy focusing on her customers and the growth of her business.

Customer Demographic Information

Age: Mid 30s

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Small business owner

Relationship status: Married

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Customer Challenges

Linda and her husband recently purchased and moved into a fixer-upper — they are now renovating their new home. Between her job, children, and the fact that her husband works and travels most of the week, Linda has to ensure she is hiring the most qualified, experienced, and trustworthy plumbing service to manage the repair and/or installation of their fixtures (bathtubs, sinks, toilets, dishwasher, washing machine, etc).

Customer Goals

Linda wants to make sure the installation and repair of all of her home’s plumbing projects are done the right way the first time. She doesn’t have the time or ability to stay home and ensure the home service workers she hires perform high-quality work. She wants to be able to hire a professional and well-regarded plumbing service that makes her feel confident about the work that’s being done in her new home.

Customer Purchase Habits

Linda performs due diligence when trying to find the right business to work with. She visits the websites of the business she’s considering, reads customer reviews, and compares pricing for the job at hand before making a decision.

Customer Research/ Stats/ Interviews/ Quotes

Quote from a current customer with a similar bio to Linda’s:

“I would like to be able to hire a professional plumbing service that can meet all of my needs and can work efficiently to complete all necessary plumbing projects in our home, all at a price that makes sense when compared to other local plumbing businesses.”

2. Electrical Business Example

When marketing your electrical business, refer to the following template to create your customer persona.

Example Customer Persona Bio for Electrical Business

Customer Background

Sam is a local business owner — he runs a small brewery located in a restored industrial building located in Portland, Maine. He is busy running his brewery, making beer, and creating memorable experiences for his customers.

Customer Demographic Information

Age: Early 40s

Location: Portland, ME

Occupation: Brewmaster and brewery owner

Relationship status: Single

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Customer Challenges

Sam runs his brewery out of a restored industrial building in Portland. The building has new electrical systems, but Sam wants to add to the ambiance and functionality of the brewery with lighting. However, he doesn’t have the expertise to do so himself, and he doesn’t have a lot of free time, considering his local business has been taking off in recent months.

Customer Goals

Sam finds that some sections of the brewery are darker than others, and he wants to incorporate additional lighting for his brewery team as well as his customers. He wants to hire an electrician (or a team of electricians) to help him achieve these goals quickly, so the work does not negatively impact his business.

Customer Purchase Habits

Sam relies on word-of-mouth referrals when it comes to selecting the right services for his business. He also tends to get several quotes from local businesses before making a final hiring decision.

Customer Research/ Stats/ Interviews/ Quotes

Quote from a current customer with a similar bio to Sam’s:

“I feel like I know what I need and want in terms of results when it comes to this electrical project, but I do not have the technical expertise or time to manage it myself. I want to hire an electrician that has worked on projects like mine and can help me achieve my lighting goals.”

3. HVAC Business Example

When marketing your HVAC business, refer to the following template to create your customer persona.

Example Customer Persona Bio for HVAC Business

Customer Background

Michelle is an actor in New York City. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she and her partner recently bought a condo unit. Michelle is always busy auditioning for work, acting in local theatre performances, and maintaining her social life.

Customer Demographic Information

Age: 29

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Actor

Relationship status: Unmarried

Education: High school diploma

Customer Challenges

Michelle, and her partner live in an apartment in Brooklyn that appears to be having some issues related to the HVAC system. Specifically, they are noticing some recurring thermostat malfunctions. As a new homeowner with no in-depth HVAC knowledge, she requires the support of a professional who can come in and quickly diagnose the problem at hand and correct it.

Customer Goals

Michelle would like to have her thermostat checked due to recent malfunctions. She wants to find a local service with availability soon because it’s wintertime in New York, and her unit is getting cold. She’s conscientious about her finances and would like to ensure she’s paying a fair price for the necessary HVAC service.

Customer Purchase Habits

Michelle tends to perform online research before deciding on a service she is going to pay for. She reads online reviews and testimonials for businesses that may be able to help her resolve the challenge she’s experiencing before making a hiring decision.

Customer Research/ Stats/ Interviews/ Quotes

Quote from a current customer with a similar bio to Michelle’s:

“We would like an HVAC business to come to quickly correct the thermostat problem we have been experiencing in recent weeks. We want to hire a trustworthy and professional service to get this job done correctly and charge us a fair price.”

Your customer persona profiles should now make the following processes easier:

  • Determine how your business can help your target audience resolve their unique challenges.
  • Explaining to prospects why your business is better than the competition and why you’re the right choice based on their goals.
  • Informing your marketing strategy to ensure you’re using the most effective outreach and content to educate and engage your audience.

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Create Your Customer Personas

Creating customer personas for your home services business is a major key to your success and ability to grow. Persona profiles will allow you and your team to engage and reach prospects and current customers as well as establish effective marketing strategies that make those individuals want to become loyal, repeat customers.

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