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5 Ways Local Businesses Can Use Video

Andrew Adams

Video marketing is becoming more popular and with good reason. It lets businesses like yours share their stories and reach more people than ever through both digital and traditional channels. In a recent survey, 86% of companies reported using video as a marketing tool. It makes them more attractive to their audiences and delivers more memorable results.

There's a common misconception that brands need thousands of dollars to produce a high-quality video marketing campaign. But you don't need a scriptwriter, film crew, or fancy equipment to create compelling videos. More and more small local businesses are generating creative and unique promotional videos with little to no budget and the resources they have on hand. Some even use their smartphones to craft their video masterpieces. 

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What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing refers to using audiovisual content to promote and market your brand, product, or service. It helps you increase engagement and reach out to your audience through a highly shareable medium. While video content is nothing new, it has reached new horizons through other types of screens thanks to the Internet. 

In 2019, there were already over 2.6 billion digital video viewers across the globe. These numbers are projected to reach over 3.1 billion sometime next year. Research suggests that customers retain up to 95% of the information they get through this format. That's why putting your videos out there will help keep your offering on the map.

Why Is Video Content so Relevant These Days?

Video marketing is not just for huge companies. It's gained a lot of traction with entrepreneurs and small businesses in recent years. This marketing medium is said to significantly boost traffic and create more engagement with both prospects and clients through numerous digital platforms. Today, local companies are successfully using video to attract, convert, and retain new customers. 

Audiences are hungry for video content of all types. An estimated 49% of people watch at least five full videos every day. As a result, video marketing has more probabilities than any other creative content piece to draw your ideal customer's attention and keep your brand top of mind when it's time to make a purchase. 

The Advantages of Video Marketing

A solid video marketing strategy will help you build trust among your existing and prospective customers. It will give your audience the chance to get to know your brand voice and personality much better and further engage through stories. Posting video content on your social media and other digital channels will:

  • Add visibility.
  • Increase understanding of your product.
  • Set you apart from competitors.
  • Give you a personable way to interact with the public.
  • Help increase sales.
  • Rank you higher on search engine result pages.
  • Grow your cross-platform popularity.

When done right, video marketing is perfect for local businesses to reach and influence potential clients in their area. Videos can even help drive authoritative

backlinks from great sources. This type of content is on the rise, and if you're not using it, you're giving your competitors the chance to gain an edge over you.

Top 5 Ways to Leverage Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Video is one of the most versatile content formats out there. Nowadays, you can adapt your audiovisual projects to pretty much any screen and platform available. However, with all the options you have for video content creation, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Below you'll find the five best ways to use video to promote your local business.


Video content is useful for many things in your promotional strategy. One of the most common is creating brand awareness and sharing your brand identity. Creating videos that tell people who you are will help your ideal customers connect with you. You can use your videos to share more about your company culture, your ideals, and anything else that represents you — especially if you're a lesser-known company.

This type of video is typically created as part of a broader advertising campaign. Yet, it's a simple, effective way to attract your ideal customers. It also lets your loyal clients see how your brand evolves over time, an excellent way to bond with those who've shown their support since your company began. 

Once you produce a video you can create your own YouTube channel, post it on your website, create small clips to use on social. Video is an incredibly efficient way to do marketing. 

Customer Testimonials

Video marketing can position your company as an industry authority. Sometimes all you need to do is put a reputable personality in front of the camera and ask them to share their honest ideas on what you offer. People don't like feeling they're being oversold to by the same brand, so getting somebody else to talk about the wonders of your product and service will gain credibility. Plus, having someone reputable talk about your brand online will land you in front of eyes you may have otherwise missed.

Using industry experts, celebrities, and influencers to help promote your brand is great, but your average, day-to-day clients should be your biggest advocates. Consumers rely on their peers' opinions to decide whether they should trust a brand they don't know. Having an average person talk about how much they love you and why is the fastest route to get people to give you a shot. 

According to a study conducted by Forrester, at least 46% of adults say they trust what others say about the brand online. Video customer testimonials take you one step further towards being trustworthy. Reviews encourage others to share their opinions as well. Having a couple of video testimonials on your social media or your site can create a chain reaction resulting in more social proof for you. 

Another great thing about video testimonials is that they're shareable, and they let you interact more with your audience. Your followers will feel appreciated and seen if you feature them once in a while in your primary online channels. This action could prompt them to share your post with their inner circle resulting in a wider reach for you.

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Customer Support

Value is a huge part of marketing. Content that makes your audience feel like they walked away with something valuable is an excellent way to keep them coming back.

Video content can help you expand your customer support capabilities and make the resolution process more efficient and cost-efficient. You could, for example, create videos that help diagnose a common problem with your product or service. Or you could answer frequently asked questions and give people insider tips to keep everything working the way it should. 

Video allows you to explain large amounts of information in just a few minutes or even seconds. A written description can be confusing and people get tired of reading, Consumers love fast solutions, and that's exactly what video can provide. 

How-to Videos

Educating your audience about topics of interest related to your brand or your offering is another excellent way to provide value. Crafting creative tutorials that explain how to make the most out of your product or service is a great bonding opportunity with your customers. These types of videos are far from being a new concept, but they remain the backbone of video marketing.

Helping your customers with insightful and useful information will make them feel like you care about their experience. Just keep things short and simple to avoid confusion.


Some of your video content can put your product or service in the spotlight. Creating commercials that show how, why, or when your offering comes in handy is one of the oldest forms of video marketing — but also one of the most reliable. Your videos can give customers a deeper explanation of the ins and outs of what you're selling. They can help convert more clients and also give them a clear call to action so that they know what to do next in their purchasing journey.

How To Make the Best Video Content for Your Local Business

It's easy to assume a video marketing campaign could cost your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, you don't have to go overboard with your budget when it comes to crafting a decent-quality video to promote your brand. All you need to do is:

  • Plan your video ahead.
  • Write a script or guide.
  • Mind your video and audio quality.
  • Edit your video with a dependable tool.
  • Post the right size and format for the platform. 
  • Calendarize your video publications.

Find Video Marketing Solutions for Your Company

Anyone can take advantage of video marketing to increase sales, create brand awareness, and bring value to their customers. If you're not reaping the benefits of video content, this is your cue to get started ASAP. 

If you're looking for custom video content solutions to make you stand out from the crowd, reach out to Scorpion Marketing. Our experts will help you make a plan to fulfill your production and post-production needs. Let's bring your vision to life.