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From the impact of the Oxyclean Billy May commercials to influencers on TikTok, a good video can get messages across that words can’t. And for good reason. Most businesses have seen the influence of video marketing skyrocket thanks to the popularity of social media, targeted ads, and even smartphones in general.

As of this year, 93% of marketers report using video as part of their marketing strategy. And at Scorpion, we’re part of that number. So much so, that we have a whole team dedicated to your video marketing needs. And now, that system process just got a reboot.

The impact of video marketing

Consumers are spending more and more time online, and now they’re spending a lot of time consuming video—a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Video is easily shareable on social media, is ideally viewable on mobile devices, and can score well on search engines like Google. Video marketing can give your business the space you need to showcase how you can solve consumer problems, identify what makes your business unique, showcase what your business cares about, and build trust in the community. The bottom line? You’re not really competing in the digital space unless you utilize video.

Scorpion Studios just got a facelift

You’re already familiar with the Scorpion Studios production team. They’re the experts behind the movie magic, handling the logistics, shooting, editing, and postproduction for all of our clients. After all, someone’s gotta make us look good and camera ready.

Well, that same team is taking that same care, attention to detail, and know-how and wrapping it up in not one, not two, but three different video and photography packages, each with a specific focus for your marketing strategy.

What’s available 

We know every business is unique and have different areas of focus. That’s what makes up smart marketing. There’s no one size fits all for consumers, and that same logic should be applied to how you approach your marketing, video, and all.

In the spirit of choice, Scorpion Studios is proud to announce our new packages for video marketing.

Video Creation Package

Our production team will handle all aspects of your video creation. That includes pre-production, the production itself, and post-production. Creation can include anywhere from 2-22 videos depending on the package chosen.

Video Creation + Advertising

On top of video creation, you also get our team of experts working for you to develop lead generation using your fresh off-the-reel video. Our focus will be on running monthly video advertising campaigns on your behalf optimized to deliver leads to clients.


Our production team will fly out to your business location and do a 1-day on-site photoshoot and deliver a set number of edited photos, depending on the photography package chosen.

Why now?

Media of any type, especially shareable, like video and photography, can build trust in your target audience, strengthen your content strategy, and connect with your consumers on a personal level. Consumer behavior, especially the younger generation, has proven that customers prefer to shop with businesses that have a mission and are community-oriented. They want a face behind the slogan, and with Scorpion Studios, we can get you there.

  • 72% of people surveyed want to see a video instead of scrolling to see content
  • 70% of the marketers who don't currently use video as a marketing tool, told us they plan to start in 2023.
  • 91% of all businesses are planning to use video in some capacity in their marketing strategy
  • 12x more usage or open rates for videos vs text
  • 80% of all web traffic comes from video consumption
  • Video marketers see as much as a 66% increase in qualified leads per year

Ready for your closeup?

Scorpion offers full-funnel marketing support, including content, search engine optimization, and of course, video production. With over twenty years of experience behind us, we’re ready to take your marketing to the next level quicker than you can say ‘action.’ Reach out to Scorpion today to get your marketing video journey started.