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4 Types of Business Videos Every Enterprise Should Make

Andrew Adams

Communication is an important part of any successful organization. Effective communication leads to smooth interaction among the members of the organization, making it easier for them to work toward a common goal. On the other hand, engaging and communicating with your customers properly goes a long way when you want to promote brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Of the many, variedly effective modes of interactions you can use to reach your customers and team members, videos are rapidly rising in popularity — they normally guarantee improved communication with your audience and help you get a reaction from them. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is certainly worth millions of words. Videos engage both the audio and visual senses, making it easier to hold the attention of the audience and pass the message to them. This is why over 86% of marketers use videos in their campaigns.

For businesses, everybody can reap the numerous benefits of using video content. Now that digital video technology is cheaper and more accessible than ever, all you need is a smartphone, and voila, you'll be on your way to utilizing one of the most effective means of communication. 

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4 Types of Business Videos Your Company Should Make

Here are four basic types of video content that every business should make to succeed. 


When communicating with your audience, they're more than likely to pay more attention to information that adds value to them. There's no better way to achieve this than by using explainers or how-to videos. These are educational videos that teach your audience how to solve certain problems. It could be related to using your product or getting your service, or it could be about more general issues that relate to your business.

For example, if you're launching a new line of vacuum cleaners in the market, publishing a video on how to use your vacuum cleaners, which also highlights their features, will make it easier to attract new users who want to buy your devices. After all, no one wants to buy something they have no idea how to use. You may also want to upload other videos that explain general knowledge your audience may need to know — like how to clean and troubleshoot your vacuum cleaners. 

With such information, you'll help your existing customers operate your products easily and improve your website's rank in searches related to your product and services — making it easier for new customers to find you. 

About 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it online. So by creating how-to videos that cover an array of topics surrounding your industry, you'll have cast your net wide and drawn in even some people who had no intention of purchasing or using your product or service initially.

Once ready, you can post your how-to videos either on your social media pages or on your YouTube channel.

About Us Videos

In every industry, people like a personal touch to accompany their products and services. We are naturally emotional beings, and likeability and other positive emotions will go a long way in influencing a customer’s buying decision.

So it's important to give them a peek into the authentic side of your business, including your history and the hearts and souls behind your organization. An excellent way to achieve this is by creating and sharing positive “About Us” videos. 

Most customers tend to skim over long boring texts explaining your company history. However, a short lively video can easily grab their attention long enough for them to understand the driving force and motivation behind your organization. 

With videos giving an introduction to your company or its culture, you can communicate everything about your organization to your target customer community without having to use awkward-looking still photos or dry text. Such videos are also the best way to capture the spirit and life of your team honestly and authentically. And who doesn’t love authenticity in a business?

Video Customer Testimonials

Before buying a product — especially if they have never interacted with it before — 81% of customers will conduct internet research for the best options. When researching a product or service, they'll be looking for reassurance that the product or service will meet their expectations and provide value for their money. 

Since people influence people, customer testimonials will play a major role in helping potential customers decide. With a video testimonial from past customers, you'll give them the last needed push from the consideration to the buying stage. Showing customers real-world examples of how your product has benefited other people will inspire their confidence, increasing their chances of making a purchase.

If a customer is considering your product and that of a similar competitor, good reviews from your past satisfied customers could be the advantage you need to tip the scales in your favor. 

When making such videos, ensure they are informative and relatable. Potential customers will want to see how your product and service benefited someone with a problem like theirs. The videos should also be trustworthy because they'll serve the same purpose as customer reviews and ratings,

Employee Insight Videos

Employee insight videos show how your employees interact with each other and with the organization. No one wants to walk into a store where everyone is grumpy or irritable. They serve two main purposes:

  1. Showing your potential customers how satisfied your employees are — When your customers will see a happy team that enjoys their work, they'll translate this into a high likelihood of their needs being met, directly increasing their trust and satisfaction.

  2. Portraying your company culture to incoming members of staff — These videos will give your new employees a good idea of what the mood is like in your company, making it easier for them to follow suit. If they find a jolly, happy, and satisfied team, they'll most likely try their best to fit in and continue the culture. 

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Final Thoughts

Videos are an inexpensive means of communication with great potential for businesses. The above four types of videos suggested will help you get one step closer to creating a more educated and engaged customer base served by happy, satisfied employees. 

At Scorpion, we provide various marketing and technology services to help small businesses like yours grow. Reach out today to learn more about how partnering with us will help you create compelling business videos to take your organization to the next level.