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Episode 9: Boosting Revenue through Empathy and Data-Driven Marketing

Brent Wright, Case Manager & Law Firm Administrator at Johnson Law Group, shares the benefit of staying ahead of the curve in marketing and showing empathy to clients.

Three Things You’ll Learn:

  1. The importance of empathy
  2. Why you must say ahead of the curve in marketing
  3. The importance of giving your clients options in how they contact you

Diversifying For Success

After getting out of the military, Brent Wright initially sought out a career in law enforcement but ended up in criminal defense—a professional shift he does not regret. Now, he has been associated with the Johnson Law Group for over 15 years as a Case Manager, Private Investigator, and Law Firm Administrator.

Due to his experience in private investigation, Brent has a unique perspective and is able to educate his clients on the process and what to expect. Through his inquisitive nature, he can also determine whether the client will be the right fit for the firm.

“I think that is what made us [Johnson Law Group] pretty successful is that we have people from different backgrounds and we can all come together when it comes to the [criminal defense] matters.”

Staying Ahead of The Game

It is vital to remain up to date and informed about what the industry standards are when trying to market for your firm. You have to keep ahead of the curve and stay relevant on all social media platforms.

By hiring an in-house marketing team, you can achieve your revenue goals through a strategic and metrics-driven approach. As they are no longer putting time into marketing efforts themselves, Brent says that his firm has been able to focus more on the tasks at hand, such as intake and case building.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Johnson Law Firm was able to bounce back from the shock of shutting down for a few months quite quickly—something Brent attributes to great marketing. It can be hard to spend money on marketing during tough financial times, but Brent says it was an investment the firm does not regret.

“You’ve got to spend money to make money.”

Why Empathy Is a Vital Skill

When someone is calling for a criminal defense lawyer, they are generally not having a great day. Whether it is the receptionist answering the phone or a lawyer dealing with a specific case, it is critical that your team shows empathy.

“When somebody calls you, make sure that you give them the attention that they need.”

Show that you care and listen to what they have to say. Remember that you are there to help your clients and they are looking to you for support.

Change with the Times

Brent urges attorneys not to box themselves in by subscribing to a strict way of doing things. You have to be fluid and willing to adapt to new situations, scenarios, or technology. Communicate with your clients in a way that they prefer, including texting, emails, or phone calls.

He also tells us that client experience is critical and communication (or lack thereof) can make or break your business. The better experience you create for your customer, the more likely they are to stay with your firm and bring in more referrals.

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