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Episode 2: Why Your Online Reputation is a Worthy Investment

When they’re deciding which attorney to retain, there’s an extremely high chance your potential clients will turn to online reviews — 92% of consumers say they use them. In this episode, Jeremy Cotten, the founder of Cotten Law Firm in Raleigh, NC, explains how he’s built up such a strong reputation and how it helps place his firm a step above competitors in potential clients’ minds. Take a listen for tips and tools you can use to put your firm in a position to get five stars every time.
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  • Kelly Carpenter

    Director of Internet Marketing
    Focused on helping criminal defense firms solve their marketing challenges, Kelly has been at Scorpion since 2008 and has grown alongside our company — becoming an expert over time in client marketing, project management, and content development. Her background in English makes her one of the strongest communicators in our organization, and she’s well-known among clients and coworkers alike for her warm personality and light-hearted sense of humor. What she loves most about her job is providing people with a positive experience while they grow their businesses. Outside of work, Kelly is a health and wellness junkie, dog mom, and wife of country music artist, Cort Carpenter.
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