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Episode 5: Facing Your Fears to Broaden Your Perspective

Three Things You’ll Learn:

  1. Why being unique is beneficial
  2. The importance of facing your fears
  3. How to turn your weaknesses into strengths

The Making of The Kickin’ Lawyer

After a successful career as a Sheriff and a SWAT officer, Jere Mason decided to focus his attention on DUI defense at Huffman Mason Raynor Stowers Attorneys, where he is a partner.

Known as the “Kickin’ Lawyer,” Jere is a professional MMA fighter with a 6th-degree black belt in Taekwondo. It was in his MMA training that he learned a life lesson that he has since carried into his career:

“Even though we all have our own personal battles to fight, if you work hard you can overcome any weaknesses.”

Having gone through a divorce himself, Jere remembers what it was like being a client and not knowing what was going on. He uses that experience to keep his practice client-centered.


Jere is proud of his team for the success they have seen in growing their brand, a skill that he thinks most lawyers undervalue in the constant search for higher ROI.
He shares that in order to be a trendsetter in his field, he avoids looking at what competitors are doing so he can maintain an organic, original point of view.

Jere believes good branding is as simple as understanding motivators and assessing buying habits, but he understands that this is not every attorney’s strength.

“Be honest with yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses.”

Jere has allied with partners who have filled his weaknesses, so that as a team, they are a formidable force who strengthen each other.

Learn From Your Mistakes

A big believer in taking risks, Jere explains the importance of analyzing your mistakes so you can learn from them — rather than repeating them.

“Nobody ever succeeded without some risk, so there is risk inherent in success.”

Facing Fears

Jere says that he does not want to live a life filled with regrets and takes it as a personal challenge any time he has the chance to do something that frightens him. He maintains that in order to broaden your perspective, you have to face the things that scare you.

“You can't take loss the way most people do. Loss is not the end of the road. Loss is an important step to growth. It’s a perspective shift on what it is to win and what it is to lose.”

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