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No Matter What: Don’t Go Up Against Kurt & Jason

Kurt Arnold & Jason Itkin
Personal Injury
Rustin Kretz

At Scorpion, we get the opportunity to work with some of the best lawyers in the world. More than that, we get to be part of their story, their journey, and see what a difference they make in the lives of so many.

Over a decade ago, I was introduced to two people who have inspired me both on and off the court (it’s playoff basketball season, I had to): Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin.

Name anything you want to accomplish as a personal injury attorney, and they’ve likely done it. Inner Circle of Advocates. Best Law Firms in America. As seen on TV. Record verdicts & settlements all over the country.

Many of us have wondered what it would be like to play basketball with Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Or for football fans, it may be to play with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Jason & Kurt are the equivalent when it comes to trial attorneys.

Never just one step ahead. Miles ahead.

They say iron sharpens iron, and I’ve seen no better example than my two friends, Jason and Kurt. They challenge each other. They are perfect complementary pieces to each other. They are both amazing people with great families, friends, and teams.

In real life, Kurt and Jason are some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

They have zero tolerance for any business trying to take advantage of their clients. Zero.

When you think about it, it’s an odd position to be in. When something really bad happens, there is actually a thought that goes through defense counsel’s minds. I can see the meetings in my mind for the companies that have done wrong.

“We’ll be fine. As long as they don’t hire Arnold & Itkin. Please don’t hire Arnold & Itkin.” I can only imagine what it’s like when they find out. “Damn. They hired Arnold & Itkin.”

Or what it’s like when they have the first introduction call with Arnold & Itkin. Be on your best behavior, or—well, we’ve seen what or looks like.

I’ve been lucky enough to be in the room when some of these calls happen. I’ve heard stories and seen the results that happen when defense counsel tries to be arrogant, aggressive, dismissive, or say they won’t do the right thing. Bad move. Man, they get crushed. Over and over.

If you watch the Jordan documentary or the Magic documentary, you’ll see what kind of competitors those guys were. I am constantly reminded that I’m watching this same level of greatness—but with two lawyers in their prime.

Two guys you definitely want on your side if something bad happens.

Kurt goes off to trial. War room. Non-stop work. Weeks of silence. Up against an army of attorneys fighting him and his client. Returns with a record-breaking verdict. Taking care of his clients for life. Giant smile. 1000% confident.

I was inspired yet again when another victory at trial happened yesterday. $860 million for a woman who lost her life after a crane fell on her apartment during a storm. People might think that these kinds of jury verdicts just happen. They do not just happen. It’s relentless dedication, focus, hard work, and incredibly sincere and unwavering support for their clients.

More importantly, what you saw at trial was four years of preparation from Jason Itkin and his team. Hard work. World-class skill. A refusal to let his client get taken advantage of. I've seen it time and time again, but some people never learn. Respect that you are up against the best lawyers of their generation. Failure to do so constantly results in extreme pain.

I saw the same thing when Kurt fought for the widows of the El Faro sinking. Laser focus. The best results. The video testimonials from the three ladies left countless people in tears. Hearing “Kurt, you are my knight in shining armor” from someone who lost her partner is something many of us will never forget.

People in the industry know about the Arnold & Itkin premium. It’s been on display this year. They are on pace to recover over $3 billion this year alone. Three. Billion. In one year. Jordan and Magic. Kurt and Jason. Seriously.

The focus and execution they have at trial are the same as they have with running the firm. The highest standards. The best lawyers. The best results. An incredible culture. Absolute dedication to their clients. No Matter What®.

They are on call for their clients. Always talking about their clients. Always uncovering the real facts that the other side doesn’t want uncovered. No matter the cost. No matter the hard work.

Never just one step ahead. Miles ahead.

None of it would be possible without Victoria Alford, one of the hardest-working people we’ve ever met.

It’s an honor to be a part of their journey. I’m in a unique position because I can sit here and write this article to do one thing—admire.

I’m constantly in awe. I’m in awe today.

It’s an honor to work with and for this firm. And it’s definitely sweet knowing that billions of dollars in results and major impacts on people’s lives came from some of our joined efforts. We celebrate these victories every time. It’s special.

I’m forever thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their story.

Hook ‘Em.