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How to Win With Personal Injury Advertising

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Personal Injury

As a personal injury attorney, you need to know how to stand out in a crowded market. Most attorneys utilize little to no advertising. When they do, it is often ineffective and fails to draw in the clients they want.

As a solo practitioner or member of a small firm, you need personal injury advertising that is directly tailored to your firm. Scorpion Legal can help you reach the clients you want to grow your firm. We let you focus on your clients while we handle the marketing.

Search Engine Optimization for Personal Injury Lawyers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to making sure your firm appears higher on search lists. When clients are looking for a personal injury attorney, they often turn to the internet and search engines first. They may Google "personal injury lawyer in..." and see what pops up. And you want your firm and services to pop up first.

That's where SEO comes in. SEO is the practice of using keywords relevant to your practice area and geographic location to drive hits on your website. The better optimized your website or webpage is, the higher it will rank on a search list. 

SEO has a significant impact on your firm's success. Clients are likely to click on the first few results they see in the search results. The higher your firm appears the more likely that client is to visit your website. You are now more likely to win that client's business and grow your firm as a result.

How to Succeed With SEO

The best way to optimize your web pages is with a company that knows SEO principles and practices. Legal marketing experts understand what clients are looking for, but also what search engines look for as well. Marketing experts must know and predict what clients will search for and how to write your web pages to maximize their search ranking.

Marketing experts improve the SEO of your page by:

  • Writing compelling titles using your keywords
  • Using backlinks and directory listings in the background to improve search results
  • Creating an internal linking strategy to your own web pages
  • Writing quality content that informs the reader and instills confidence in your abilities as a personal injury attorney
  • Considering client search intent and the terms they use in their searches

Social Media Presence

Personal injury law firms need a social media presence to compete in this crowded marketplace. It is a crucial way for you to grow your firm and connect with clients on a personal level. It reaches out to them where they are rather than waiting for them to come to you. This proactive approach is cost-effective and increases your client connections.

Social media sites include, but are not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

There are millions of users online at a time. These sites let you tailor your audience to those who may be looking for legal services. A legal marketing company understands how to use social media to help you connect with clients and let you focus on representing them.

Social media sites and other outlets let you connect with clients by:

  • Creating social media posts and blog links
  • Build loyalty
  • Highlight key successes, law changes, and other areas of interest
  • Use ad management and paid advertising

Why Do I Need Social Media Management?

Social media management is when someone at your firm or that you hire focuses on building your social media audience. The management plan works to build your presence online by utilizing the tools and tricks of the trade a social media expert understands.

Some law firms try to manage their own social media presence. They create a page and assume people will visit it. However, it takes more than that to reach out to your potential clients. 

Legal marketing professionals know how to highlight your firm in interesting ways and on various platforms. They know how to reduce the cost of your advertising while still maximizing the potential clients you reach. They can create a tailored social media management plan that fits your specific needs.

Local Services Ads for Personal Injury Attorneys

Local Services Ads are another great opportunity for personal injury lawyers to find the right clients. This format gives personal injury attorneys a huge advantage in the marketplace when they use them. It makes them more visible and competitive in an online search.

LSAs are the first thing a potential client sees on a Google results page. While pay-per-click (PPC) ads often let you show up in the first three or four ad spots, this was among other competitors and other law firms. Instead, an LSA is featured at the top of the page and pushes PPC ads further down in the queue.

LSAs help you be seen first by your potential clients. As a personal injury attorney, you are reaching out to many clients in a crowded legal marketplace. You must compete with other firms that may be larger and have a higher advertising budget. Instead, you can play the game smarter to make sure your ads reach potential clients.

How LSAs Work for You

LSAs let you pay by the lead rather than by the click. This means you are only charged for the ad when a potential client sends you a message or calls you through the LSA platform. This is a major cost-saving strategy and ensures you only pay for advertising that directly helps your firm.

This also lets you dedicate parts of your advertising budget to other areas. You are not paying for ads that have no effect: You can actually see the benefit they bring. These clients aren't just learning about your firm. They are directly engaging with your office and are more likely to sign on as a client as a result.

LSAs operate on a flat-fee model, which means there is no way to pay to get to the top of this list. This is a great feature for small firms or solo practitioners. Just because another firm pays more does not necessarily mean they will be the first result. This makes you competitive even with a more conservative advertising budget. 

Marketing Experts and LSAs

LSAs are more complicated than PPC advertising to get started. Google requires that these ads go through an extensive application process for any firm that wants to use them. It requires background checks, verification of bar standing, and a lot of paperwork. Attorneys like yourself need to focus on clients, not dealing with these extra steps.

A marketing expert takes care of this for you. They get you through the application process and tailor your LSA usage to minimize cost and maximize potential clients. Additionally, your firm will show up with the "Google Screened" badge which assures your potential clients they are contacting a firm verified and vetted by Google. This can have a major and positive impact on the number of clients that contact your firm.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Law Firms

PPC advertising has been around for nearly 20 years and is a major component of most firms' online advertising. Even with the creation of LSAs, PPC ads still play an important role in personal injury advertising. 

PPC ads can be text, videos, images, or any combination. They typically appear in search engines, social media platforms, websites, and much more. With PPC ads, the advertiser pays for each time an ad is clicked. This means you only pay for targeted visits to your website. 

A marketing expert knows how to properly utilize PPC advertising for your small firm. They understand how to help you choose an advertising budget that fits your needs and concerns. They know how to use Google Ads and other PPC advertising systems to make sure your ads are seen by the most clients possible.

You only pay for the ads that receive a click, saving you money on your advertising costs. PPC ads also require much less upfront work as compared to LSAs, making them simpler to handle. 

Personal Injury Advertising With Scorpion Legal

Scorpion Legal makes it easy to market your personal injury practice. We build and maintain your marketing so that you can focus on the needs of your clients. While we help bring people in the door, you continue to provide great legal services. 

Scorpion Legal has the technology and marketing experts you need to reach out to the clients you want. You can increase your revenue while spending less time and money on marketing campaigns. You can compete with larger firms in a crowded marketplace by making smart decisions about your advertising.

Get started with Scorpion Legal. We are here to help you.