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How to Know If Your Personal Injury Marketing Dollars Are Working

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Personal injury law is a competitive field, and because of that, it’s vital that potential clients are aware of your firm and know about your experience. Your achievements and firm reputation can only take you so far. To really expand your firm’s client intake and bottom line, you need to rely on a solid marketing solution.

How do you know if your personal injury marketing dollars are working? With Scorpion Legal, you can access our decades of experience working with personal injury law firms. Our digital marketing professionals create a marketing strategy that works for you. We also provide real data with marketing metrics you can track — directly showing the value you get from your marketing investments.

Personal Injury Marketing Metrics To Track

Your marketing campaigns should achieve actual results. Many companies offer a bare-bones strategy to get your name out there with little follow-up. They make cookie-cutter marketing efforts but never ensure it's an effective marketing strategy for your personal injury law firm. At Scorpion Legal, we focus on tangible results and track specific metrics to ensure our strategy works effectively for you.

Key marketing metrics we track include, but are not limited to, the following:

Lead Generation

Your personal injury law firm cannot survive without new clients. You need consistent new personal injury leads to ensure your firm continues to succeed. The Scorpion Legal marketing professionals will constantly monitor the influx of new leads to determine what is working and what can be enhanced. You get access to real-time data that shows lead generation weekly, monthly, yearly, or any other period you need. You can also see what marketing strategies generated the most leads and which were less effective.

You don't just need more leads — you need quality leads. Quality leads are those that can generate real business. These are potential clients looking for personal injury services who are attracted to your website or other marketing materials. These individuals are willing to take further action to learn about your firm and even contact you about representation.

Cost per Lead (CPL)

Another key metric to watch is the cost of each lead. CPL measures which marketing strategies result in the best leads, including how many and their quality, allowing you and your marketing team to focus your marketing budget on the areas where you get better results with less cost. This streamlines your marketing efforts and enhances your return on investment (ROI).

Marketing Return on Investment 

Your firm should consider your total marketing return on investment, or ROI. This calculates your total marketing budget compared to the net profits generated by those efforts. Your return should exceed your investment; the higher the return, the better the results for your law firm. Marketing professionals can help you tailor legal marketing to increase ROI and enhance your personal injury firm's earnings.

Conversion Rate

Quality leads are critical, but you must know which leads have converted into actual clients. You calculate the total number of leads you receive by the number of clients you convert to determine your conversion rate. The higher the rate, the more effective your marketing techniques are. This higher efficiency is a crucial metric to consider and one of the areas Scorpion is known to enhance for firms like yours.

What Types of Leads Should Your Marketing Produce?

Leads are essential, but your legal marketing should produce several different types. These three primary lead categories are crucial to your personal injury law firm's success:

1. Information Qualified Leads

An information-qualified lead (IQL) is when a lead first converts. The client is providing contact information in return for helpful information. This is often referred to as a top-of-the-funnel offer in which the client first investigates the solution to their problem. An IQL often knows little about your firm at this stage but is actively investigating your services. They are looking for information that will be helpful to them in resolving their personal injury case.

An information-qualified lead is the first step toward generating a new client. This person is interested in your services, and your marketing materials should actively encourage their journey to becoming a new client. 

To help encourage IQLs further down the sales funnel, your website and marketing materials should provide educational content demonstrating your firm's knowledge and skill in handling personal injury cases. This will include content such as:

  • Website landing pages that describe different personal injury practice areas
  • Blog posts about personal injury cases
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients
  • Information on what legal services your personal injury practice offers

Potential clients will seek high-value content to help them learn about your firm. These materials should build trust and increase your brand awareness simultaneously. This may seem challenging on your own, but with marketing professionals from Scorpion Legal by your side, you can be confident your personal injury firm is in good hands.

2. Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) have a higher chance of becoming clients than other types of leads. Not every potential client visiting your site will convert into an actual client or be interested in your firm. Some may be simply visiting your website from the result of another search of the topic. Instead, an MQL is someone actively seeking personal injury representation and who visits your website.

Understanding who is an MQL requires an analysis that uses a lead scoring system. This analyzes lead behavior and level of engagement to determine the quality of that lead. This system will assign points to actions the lead decides to take, including:

  • Visiting a particular landing page on your website
  • Clicking a link from an email marketing campaign
  • Clicking on your Facebook or Google ads, social media posts, or other local services ads
  • Filling out an online contact form
  • Messaging your personal injury firm
  • Interacting with your website's chat feature

When a potential client hits a certain number of points under the system, they will qualify as a marketing-qualified lead. These individuals demonstrate sufficient interest and deserve individual attention from your law firm. These potential clients are even more likely to convert to paying clients, increasing your law firm's bottom line.

3. Sales Qualified Leads

Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) are ready for further conversations with your sales team. They have demonstrated an intent to work with your law firm to resolve their legal issue. These leads fit the type of client you are looking for and want to represent. This lead has also taken multiple steps down the sales funneling, including interacting with your website and potentially asking you to contact them.

Sales-qualified leads want specific information that is more detailed than what an IQL or MQL will ask for. Your sales team should be able to help an SQL with the following:

  • The cost of your legal services or if you offer contingency fee representation
  • What types of cases you handle
  • What sets you apart from other personal injury attorneys

Depending on the size of your law firm, your "sales team" might be you or a few people on your staff. It might include your secretary or another person charged with client intake. At Scorpion, we work with firms of all sizes, including small to medium firms, to help you handle your SQLs, and effectively convert them to active clients. 

Questions to Ask to See If Your Marketing Is Working

You should always consider whether your marketing is working for you. At Scorpion Legal, we thrive on these questions. We utilize advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze metrics, and our marketing professionals analyze your marketing approach to ensure it works correctly. 

So what kind of questions should you ask? Here are a few to keep in mind:

1. How many leads am I getting?

Effective marketing efforts generate more higher-quality leads that translate into actual clients for your personal injury firm. 

2. How good is my conversion rate?

You should also analyze how many leads you generate versus how many translate into actual clients. The higher your conversion rate, the better your marketing approach is. The marketing professionals at Scorpion Legal know how to enhance your marketing materials to drive your conversion rate even higher.

3. What is the cost of my chosen marketing strategy?

You should always be aware of what you are spending and what you are spending it on. Question your methods and how effective each one is. Ideally, you will always want to pick what works best for your firm and what drives your business most.

However, your marketing needs will evolve over time. There may be times when you need more clients and other times when your practice is very busy. You can scale your marketing budget when you need to account for these differences. 

4. What methods are working the best?

Scorpion Legal helps determine which marketing strategy will work best for your practice. This includes analyzing your geographical location, the types of clients you want, and where best to reach them. We also analyze each campaign's effectiveness to determine whether changes should be made to enhance their impact.

Pick a Company That Will Make Your Marketing Dollars Work for You

Scorpion Legal can make your personal injury lawyer marketing dollars work for you. We work with personal injury attorneys to streamline their marketing efforts and increase their bottom line. Our advanced technology and experienced professionals will build your website, web presence, and comprehensive marketing strategy. Marketing alone can be time-consuming and challenging, but you can trust us to help smooth the way.

If you'd like to spend your marketing dollars more effectively, contact Scorpion Legal. We're ready to build your customized marketing strategy today.