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How Legal Marketing Can Grow Your Practice

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Andrew Adams

Legal marketing uses cutting-edge technology to help you bring in more cases and higher-value clients. You can focus your practice where you want and bring in quality leads that translate to higher revenues. The right platform makes it easy to build cost-effective ad campaigns, win more positive reviews, and even create valuable website content that drives better search engine optimization (SEO).

You can say goodbye to the days of hours of effort and thousands of dollars in ad campaigns that never saw a return on investment. Artificial intelligence software targets the clients you want and builds a customized plan based on your budget. Let us show you how legal marketing can help grow your practice for the future.

Branding & Recognition for Your Law Firm

The legal landscape is highly competitive, and this only becomes more true with each passing year. It is impossible to be successful without a strong brand and high-level recognition. A legal marketing team can help you stand out from competing law firms in several ways.

Building Your Unique Brand

Like any business, your law firm needs an identifiable brand that speaks to your potential clients. It is not enough anymore to hang your shingle and assume word of mouth will take care of the rest. Your brand states who you are as an attorney and law firm. It also tells your clients what types of cases you handle — and that you do so with the utmost professionalism.

Branding often starts with your website design. You need to elevate your website to create a visual impact that captures your prospective client's attention. Your website should provide value and appear professional to anyone who visits your pages. A skilled legal marketing team can customize a polished website that fits your vision and brand. They can even help you develop what you want that brand to be and look like.

Successful law firms make deliberate choices and follow steps to create and build their brand. They know that the brand will serve them and help develop their practice. This is more than just creating a firm logo or letterhead. While that is important, you also want your legal marketing team to:

  • Develop a unique brand identity for your law firm
  • Unify your branding on your website, social media, printed materials, and more
  • Demonstrate your firm's attributes and the value it provides to clients
  • Show what differentiates your firm from the competition
  • Grow loyalty to your brand through marketing techniques

These and other techniques to build your brand can significantly and positively impact your law firm's business. Legal marketing professionals know how to help.

Building Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the familiarity your target audience has with your brand. This target audience includes prospective clients looking for the services you offer. Developing brand recognition takes further steps than just putting it together.

Brand recognition — also known as brand awareness — is important because potential clients immediately connect your law firm with the help they need. Many law firms with a well-developed brand are known to individuals throughout their community and geographic area. This may be true even before they ever need your services. So when they do need your help in your practice area, they already know who to look for.

A legal marketing group can help you develop brand recognition by:

  • Developing a clear and recognizable brand
  • Demonstrating your experience and skill in your practice area
  • Establishing effective communication methods for you to reach prospective clients
  • Developing content on your site that drives SEO and demonstrates your legal knowledge
  • Creating a consistent website, social media, and other presence for potential clients
  • Helping you connect with your local community
  • Continually analyzing and monitoring your attorney marketing strategies

These steps can help you build brand recognition and drive client intake. Legal marketing services can help you find new clients and build loyalty for your firm.

Establish Your Expertise

Your legal marketing strategies should show that you are well-versed in your practice area. Potential clients need to know your experience and how you will use it for them. You should include if you are a certified "expert" in your practice area or if you have other credentials that separate you from other law firms.

Below are some ways you can establish your firm's experience and skills.

Create Effective Website Content

Your content pages should demonstrate your abilities and knowledge in your practice area. These pages should reflect what you do, how you can help, and that you know what you are doing. For example, a criminal defense attorney may have content pages like:

  • Sentencing guidelines for your jurisdiction
  • Common defenses to criminal charges
  • Individual practice pages for certain crimes (i.e., DUI, assault, drug possession, etc.)
  • Information about appeals

Your website content can help you build brand awareness and show your knowledge in these areas. This also helps to develop your practice by attracting the clients you are looking for. And this content can help your website rank higher by improving your SEO throughout your web pages.

Social Media Posts

You can use social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok to demonstrate what you bring to the table. Your law firm should have a social media presence that demonstrates value to your clients.

A third-party marketing company can help you build your law firm's custom social media management plan. They have the technology to help you track and create your posts to reach the most potential clients. These posts can link to content that demonstrates your successful track record, content pages, and much more to prove you are the firm to choose.

Community Engagement

Speaking in the community is another important part of an effective marketing strategy. You should be engaged in your local area to show your practice area knowledge. You might speak with local civic groups, your bar association, schools, and other organizations.

Community engagement is also about non-legal issues. You and your firm can get involved in local charities, events, and other opportunities to demonstrate your value to the community. This builds brand awareness and leads clients to learn about your experience.

Create a System To Keep Developing the Business

There are several steps your firm and your legal marketing team can take to continue to build your law firm.

Lead Generation

You want a system that continually improves lead generation to attract more clients to your firm. Lead generation services help you personalize how you interact with potential clients — but without you spending more time doing so. Instead, you can focus on your practice and your clients while a marketing team handles lead generation for you.

Lead generation refers to online advertising to help find potential clients. This can create a lead, such as someone:

  • Making a phone call to your firm
  • Sending an email to your firm
  • Filling out a form on your website
  • Clicking on and viewing our webpages
  • Commenting on one of your social media posts
  • Chatting on your website

These and other leads help drive growth for your law firm. The more high-quality leads your firm generates, the higher your return on investment. 

Easy Communication

Potential and existing clients alike need to be able to reach you easily. Potential clients will often choose the attorney who gets in touch first. It makes them feel personally valued and that their issues matter to your firm.

Your website and social media should provide an easy method for contacting your law firm. This can include providing a telephone number, email address, chat function, or even a "Contact Us" section to make it easy to get in touch. Make sure clients know you are happy to provide a consultation on their claim and that you are ready to listen.

Digital Advertising 

Effective digital advertising helps you stand out from the crowded and competitive legal field. Many firms spend a fortune on ineffective advertising because they don't have the expertise to put their money where it matters most.

A skilled legal marketing team focuses on achieving the highest possible impact while always staying within your unique budget. Your advertising is custom-built to fit your needs, your practice area, and the clients you want to attract.

Grow Your Practice With Help From Scorpion Legal

At Scorpion Legal, we genuinely understand how to help your firm grow. We know the importance of building your brand and how to do so effectively. We can help you better advertise your firm's services to increase lead generation and grow your client base. 

Our marketing professionals are dedicated to saving you time and money while significantly increasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Get started with us today to see how much we can help you grow your law firm's practice.

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