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Get To Know Your Business

Marketing strategy means more than anticipating what’s around the corner — it means knowing where your business stands so you can make informed strategic choices. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you understand where you are and where you’re going.

Data analytics, website traffic, and lead generation forecasting are just a few methods businesses can use to get the information they need to grow. A focus on a solid marketing strategy is the one thing that can meet these challenges head-on.

The Scorpion team will work with you to create a marketing strategy that will keep you informed and ahead of your competition with changes in your business, industry, and local market.

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Keep Pace With A Changing Market

What people are looking for in products and services are constantly evolving. It’s all part of a healthy market. But that means your business needs to keep on top of these changes and adapt to stay relevant and grow.

But how do you make these predictions? Before you go looking for a crystal ball, consider the marketing strategy tools you have to help understand where the market is going. Information about trends is right in front of you. You just need to know where to look.

Scorpion helps you keep in touch with your customers to understand their needs and preferences, explore geographic, income, and population data—all to identify new growth opportunities and create an actionable marketing strategy.

Know Your Audience — And Run With Them

A strategy that works for your customers is a strategy that works for you. In other words, your strategy needs to revolve around what your customer wants. With an ever-changing market, it can be challenging to keep up.

However, if you give them a platform, customers can be generous with providing reviews, opinions, and feedback. Building a strong connection with your target audience almost guarantees having an “in” on what the market wants.

Scorpion helps you go beyond demographics to understand customers on a personal level and combine that knowledge with market insights to inform your growth every step of the way—because knowing is half the battle.

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How to Get Started with Marketing Strategy

How to Put Together a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan can be a terrific way to lay out precisely what you want to happen with your marketing strategy and how to stay on track. Similar to your business plan, decide your end goals with a summary and metric-driven checkpoints.

Define your target audience with user persona and what kind of content you need to develop to reach them. Decide where you’re going to target them and for how long. Next, go over what your competitors are doing with competitor analysis. Figure out what they’re doing to solve the customer's problem and find where you can potentially fill gaps in areas of pricing or offering for example.

Finally, develop your market strategy and define what your business will offer your target audience that isn’t already offered to them. Remember to set realistic goals and track how the strategy is going throughout the incentive.

What is Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is when your marketing is focused on developing and distributing online content to your audience. Content takes the form of blog posts, webinars, eBooks, white pages, videos, social media posts, and podcasts.

Content marketing strategy is the process of developing a plan that engages and retains an audience through the use of online content. Content marketing is one of the biggest ways to build brand awareness, utilize SEO optimization, and develop loyalty to your business.

To get started, develop a content calendar, otherwise known as an editorial calendar, and plan out what kind of content you can put out that will attract readers. Remember to keep your user persona in mind. Don’t just write to write. Make sure it’s information that your audience will find relevant. Set goals to keep up with your editorial calendar and showcase your content on places such as your website, social media, email marketing, and channels.

How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy

The biggest factor to consider when implementing a marketing strategy in the digital world is to look to the future, not to the past, to survive. While gathering past years' data has helped companies try and forecast business metrics, such as future earnings, product demand, and budgets, utilizing AI data will bring the most success.

AI has the ability to predict consumer patterns which have a lot more value than past consumer patterns. The market and consumer preferences are constantly evolving, and to keep up, you need a strong digital marketing strategy.

More and more customers are discovering new brands online rather than any form of advertising. Using data analysis, put together a profile of your target audience, develop content that will entice them, and decide which channels to use. Make sure you set goals and benchmarks to monitor your results and pivot as necessary to get the best results possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a marketing strategy?

    A marketing strategy is a plan developed to sell a product or a service to consumers. Part of that plan includes advertising efforts, developing educational videos, writing blog posts, and other outreach efforts that help grow your business.

  • Why do I need marketing strategy?

    To attract customers to your business, your customers need to know who you are. Word of mouth is no longer enough. A strong marketing strategy will help your business utilize digital advertising, website traffic, and SEO optimization to get you in front of your ideal audience.

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