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4 Reasons Family Law Firms Should Advertise on Facebook

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Helping divorce attorneys attract more clients is something we take pride in at Scorpion, and we use a number of tools to ensure success, including...

Facebook Ads.

Facebook offers advertisers (e.g. attorneys looking for more clients) excellent targeting tools...the best in the business, really...and it's relatively affordable to use.

So...Could family law offices like yours use Facebook to retain more clients?

The answer to that question is a resounding Y-E-S.

Build awareness

Many family law offices suffer from a lack of brand awareness, which makes it difficult to establish trust with potential clients (and trust is critical to retention).

As the largest social network in the world, having a strong presence on Facebook will help any family law firm improve the awareness surrounding its brand, build more trust in the local community, and attract more clients.

Great value

Compared to Google Ads, the CPC for Facebook Ads is relatively low, hovering around $0.50 cents a click.

Now, don’t get me wrong—Ads does have its advantages, but the affordability of Facebook Ads is impossible to ignore. It makes it possible for a family law firm of any size to tap into a deep pool of potential clients for only a few hundred dollars a month.

Best targeting in the business

Hyper-focused targeting is a huge benefit of digital marketing, and Facebook offers the best targeting tools in the business. Why? Because Facebook has a lot of information on its users. Say you want to target recently-separated upper-class parents of toddlers in Honolulu, you can target that group – however obscure it may be.

Take advantage of lookalikes

For smaller family law firms, obtaining key analytics to make smart marketing and advertising decisions can be...well...tough. And without those analytics, it’s very, very, very hard for a firm to truly pinpoint who their ideal client is.

But with Facebook’s lookalike audience tool, that’s less of a problem. Facebook’s lookalike audience tool can create a target list of potential clients based on generic information you provide about your previous clients.

Tips for Success with Facebook Ads

Best practice #1 – Test, test, test.

Getting started with Facebook is low risk—unlike traditional advertising channels, Facebook allows advertisers to easily throttle or stop campaign with just a few clicks. This flexibility allows family law firms to easily test the platform without doling out an excessive amount of money upfront.

Best practice #2 – Advertise valuable content.

The internet can be a double-edged sword for law firms, and Facebook is no different. In order to break through the noise, your Facebook ads should be helpful, accurately represent your brand, and drive users to take action, be it visiting your website or setting up an appointment with your firm. Strong visuals, snappy copywriting, and a great offer are your best bet to drive engagement with your Facebook ads.

Best practice #3 – Use a great landing page.

Remember—if your Facebook ads are going to redirect users to a new, non-Facebook landing page, the content on that landing page needs to be sharp. Nothing will kill your ad campaigns faster than a bad landing page. The messaging on your landing page should not only be clear but also consistent with the messaging and offer of the ad itself.

Best practice #4 – When in doubt, seek help from an expert.

While setting up a Facebook ad campaign is relatively straightforward, it will pay dividends to have your campaign set up and monitored by professionals...someone who knows everything there is to know about bid caps, ad placements, and publishing schedules, so you can maximize the return on your firm’s investment.

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