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Why the Internet Is a Double-Edged Sword for Your Law Firm

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There are two sides to Internet marketing every attorney needs to be aware of.

Side #1?—useful side.

The Internet is where Americans spend an average of 24 hours every week, which is why attorneys looking to bring new clients and cases to their firms need to invest in a strong digital advertising campaign.

Side #2?—the useless side.

The Internet is CROWDED.

With more law firms ramping up their digital advertising efforts to reach prospects via search engines, social media platforms, and more the typical client is being bombarded with marketing messages (the average American sees more than 10,000 marketing messages a day.)

To make sure your firm spends most of its time and money on Side #1, it’s important to be strategic in how you think about the Internet and Internet marketing.

You need a digital presence prospective clients can’t ignore.

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To create that presence, it’s important to learn how your prospects are interpreting and engaging with digital ads...

Individuals have learned to filter out irrelevant messages

From TV to billboards, Facebook to YouTube, Americans are exposed to ads everywhere they turn.

As a result, they have learned how to filter out irrelevant and undesirable messaging. do you get potential clients to pay attention to your marketing?

You create messages that will actually resonate with your target audience. Marketing that’s…

  • Relevant to the prospect

  • Naturally placed

  • Attention-grabbing

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Your potential clients don’t want to feel like they’re being advertised to.

They want to feel like you’re having a conversation with them about a problem that’s real to them:

  • How to save their reputation after an arrest.
  • How to keep custody of their kids in a divorce.
  • How to pay for their medical bills after an accident, etc.

They want immediate relevance (ads based on their location, demographics, history, etc.) and immediate solutions (ads that clearly spell out the benefits of the legal service or product you’re offering).

Legal marketing messages that do not meet these standards get ignored.

Generating more cases for your firm

So what does this mean for your law firm?

It means the Internet can work for or against you.

Use the wrong digital strategy, and you’ll waste money on advertisements that no one will see or pay attention to.

Invest in the right digital strategy and you can turn heads with your advertisements, bringing more visitors to your website, and turning those visitors into clients.

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Want to learn more about how modern-day people find and choose law firms like yours on the Internet?

And if you have any questions about how you can improve your firm’s legal digital marketing strategy, Call (866) 344-8852or message us here.

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