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5 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs a Strong Content Strategy

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Undoubtedly, you cringe at the thought of having to write content - right now you are probably thinking:

Look, I just want more clients. Why do I need to create content?

Because content is a medium for information.

When you make content readily available and consumable for your prospective clients, great things tend to happen:

  • Prospective clients start coming to you for more information

  • You begin to be seen as a trusted authority

  • Your client leads increase as visitors look to you as their solution

Whether this content takes the form of a consistent blogging strategy, informative social media infographics, long-form whitepapers, or a mix of things, the key to content marketing for law firms is ultimately to provide value to your prospective clients.

Need more convincing? Here are the 5 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs a Strong Content Strategy...

5. It Fosters Positive Branding

The legal field is a competitive market, and even the most niche areas of law have at least one competing firm within the area. Content generation that’s not only valuable, but that can get to the heart of those in dire situations, can allow you to rise above your competition and make a name for yourself within your field.

4. Establishes Authority in Your Field

Authority is everything in the field of law firm marketing. Why should a prospective client choose your firm against your competitor if price isn’t an issue? Your service and experience speak volumes to the work your firm offers. And for clients who’ve never heard of you, content that answers their questions accurately and succinctly can give them the confidence they need to pick up the phone and call.

3. Improves Your Writing and Marketing Skills

Like maintenance on your car, it’s important to know how to do the basics. And this includes your marketing. As content marketing represents the personal voice of your practice, blog article generation and the distribution of it can teach you some valuable skills in written communication, understanding your prospective patients better, and learning how to best reach them.

2. Opportunities to Collaborate

No one knows everything. Depending on the content you generate, reaching out across the aisle to legal experts in differing practice areas for more information may be a great opportunity to build relationships with other practitioners. Although the legal field can be a competitive one, by building relationships with lawyers in uncontested fields, it’s possible to create relationships that can yield future referrals down the line.

1. Quality Lead Generation

Although organic traffic generates far fewer leads than PPC—and frequently takes longer to convert these leads into clients—these are visitors that are naturally stumbling onto your website, finding the information they're looking for, and deciding to stick around. These leads are also free, so it’s important to include them within the whole of your marketing strategy in conjunction with wide net tactics like PPC.

So, when it comes to building a content marketing strategy, what do you write about?

Luckily, there are plenty of questions to go around for those without their juris doctorate. A good start to generating useful content would be using the questions your prospective clients ask the most.

For example, if your criminal defense firm specializes in DUI defense, the online search term “what happens if I refuse to blow during a DUI stop?” may be a popular subject to write on. Although in this example some of your readers may be currently unaffected by a DUI charge, by taking the time to provide this information preemptively, you create a potential stream of clients and referrals that will think of you first when legal trouble arises.

For attorneys looking to generate more clients, improve the quality of the ones they have, and beat out their competition in digital search, Scorpion is a digital marketing agency specializing in law firm marketing. Using time-tested practices, we help attorneys across the U.S. build their web presence, attract more high-value clients, and grow their firms.

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