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The State of Internet Marketing for Family Law

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At Scorpion, staying on the cutting edge of internet marketing trends isn't just our job—it's our passion, and the results we have achieved for our family law clients are no accident. We have entire teams dedicated to understanding the intricacies of creating a beautiful, successful website that places our clients in front of the right people at the right time. Kate Figueroa, Vice President of Family Law Marketing, has had the opportunity to watch the industry change firsthand.

“Five years ago, we were running SEO, which was bigger than PPC. While there will always be a solid place for SEO in the digital space, and clients need a good organic foundation, it’s become much more about where people are, and those are channels that we can help clients with.

“When it comes to PPC, you also need to be running advertising, so when people are searching, your firm can be found. At Scorpion, we are continuing to put attention on this, but that cannot be it. There have to be more ways to get visibility, awareness, traffic, and ultimately, leads and clients.”

While the cost of advertising with Google PPC continues to rise, we are finding new, creative ways to deliver to clients. At Scorpion, we are all about innovation, especially when it comes to our clients’ businesses.

“We ran data that shows that 50% of our clients’ retained clients are people who have called them a week, two, and in some cases even months after they first called. During this time, when a potential client is still thinking about their case, there is still value in having your name out there because that buying process is much longer than say, criminal defense, where a potential client will have to deal with an arrest on the spot.”

Family law, as always, is continuing to evolve, which makes it really important for attorneys to ensure they are visible in as many places online as possible. Many still hold on to the strategy of “I’m just going to do SEO” or “I’m just doing SEO and PPC,” which is still great—those are the two foundational pillars of any good online marketing campaign. Now, however, firms need to make sure they are found beyond those two means, as firms that solely rely on SEO and/or PPC may fall behind.

“They need to be running display ads, people need to see their online billboards in their market, people need to already have some level of familiarity with them before they do a PPC search or somehow land on their site. They should be on social media, on Facebook, that’s where people are spending their time. They should be running video ads—that’s the growing medium that we’re seeing. You just want to be where your potential clients are.

“The purpose of marketing is to get the right message to the right people at the right time. When you’re not doing that, you are closing your opportunities for new business. In our culture, we are on the go! Whether we are on our phones or not, we are distracted by a thousand advertisements. Even walking around you see labels, brands—all that is advertising. You have to try to cut through that noise to get your message across, and if you are solely relying on your organic search results and paid advertising to do that, that’s going to put you at a disadvantage.”

Kate sees a bright future for Scorpion’s family law clients.

“Our goal is to build lasting relationships where a client genuinely loves and respects their marketing manager and their team. We want our clients to be our clients for life. We have a huge amount of resources here at Scorpion and we don’t hesitate to reach out to anybody in any area to help us if it means we can help our client be more successful. Most importantly, we will not stop for our clients, especially when it comes to making a difference in their businesses.”