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Generating Divorce Leads with Marketing Campaigns

Family Law

There are hundreds of businesses offering divorce attorneys client “leads.” These lead lists can be costly and, frankly, inaccurate.

A better way for divorce attorneys to generate client leads is a divorce law leads marketing campaign.

A focused campaign generates divorce leads by tapping the right pool of potential clients and referrals through strategic marketing actions.

Divorce Leads

A divorce lead is someone who has already shown an interest in a divorce attorney’s service. Usually, a divorce lead has visited the divorce attorney’s website from an online search or a social media post or following a referral from a trusted contact.

Not all leads are ready to be clients, and you may not know about every lead. A campaign creates opportunities to turn people into leads and then, ideally, transition them into a client.

What is a Divorce Leads Marketing Campaign?

A divorce leads marketing campaign is a very specific type of legal marketing campaign because it has one goal: generating contact with potential divorce law clients. More nuanced and effective than randomly calling or emailing hundreds of people from a purchased list, a campaign reaches the lead where they are and gives them what they need. That may be an informative article about child custody or the name and contact information of a qualified and empathetic divorce attorney near them.

A legal marketing campaign is a focused, streamlined version of the firm’s overall legal marketing strategy and legal marketing plan. What makes a campaign different is that it always has one critical element: a call to action or CTA.

In a divorce leads marketing campaign, the CTA is to generate a lead by inviting someone to learn more about and interact with you. The CTA may be to give contact information in exchange for an article about taxes or college expense planning. A CTA could also be a phone number on a billboard or website for a free consultation or an RSVP to a seminar about collaborative divorce.

Creating a Divorce Leads Marketing Campaign

While the CTA is the heart of the divorce leads campaign, there are other elements that bring leads to the CTA.

These are the first steps to take to create a divorce leads campaign:

  1. Competitive Analysis: Evaluate competitors in your area by reviewing how they market themselves and what services they offer. Use this analysis to identify opportunities to re-create what works well for the competitors and improve upon what doesn’t. This previous post discusses ways criminal law attorneys can use competitive analysis, but the concepts apply to family law attorneys, too.

  2. Identify Target Market: A campaign needs to focus on an audience. Make a list of the characteristics of your past and present clients: Are they generally men or women? Average age? Income level? What are the main services you’ve provided? What questions do they often ask? What are their challenges? You can create a “persona” from these answers for the right divorce leads: Perhaps you’re serving women in their early 40s who earn low six-figure salaries. Most of them have young children and seek help with custody and support disputes.

  3. How Can You Help?: Ultimately, divorce leads seek help. Create a personal brand based on what makes your service different and valuable, and to whom. Knowing and articulating your strengths and skills will show potential leads that you can help them. Read Tell Your Story: Creating an Attorney’s Personal Brand to learn more.


Now that you know who you’re trying to reach and what you want to say about your service, create a campaign with some or all of the following:

  • Content Marketing: Write blogs, articles, and social media posts and create videos or graphics that have information leads will find helpful. A website and social media profile full of useful content creates credibility and ensures you are found by people searching the Internet for help (more on this below).

  • SEO Strategy: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical element in a campaign to turn someone doing research on the Internet into a divorce lead. Having the right keywords in your content and on your website is how people find you when searching on the Internet for help. Thinking again about the target market example above and your brand, articles on your website about child custody disputes, child support negotiations, common child custody arrangements, and child support payments would bring visitors and be helpful.

  • Local SEO: People looking for a divorce attorney are likely looking for someone near them, so a campaign for divorce leads should include a local angle. Be sure the firm’s Google Business Profile is updated and complete. Show online searchers that you are legitimate and qualified by creating a Google Local Service Ad badge. When creating content, incorporate the city, region, or state in which you practice to boost SEO.

  • Advertising: Traditional advertising, such as in local newspapers or on billboards, creates brand awareness. For divorce leads, that means your name is top-of-mind when the decision to divorce is made, and a lead is transitioning to a client. Digital advertising, such as pay-per-click ads, has similar brand recognition benefits with the added value of targeting leads based on keywords and online activity. PPC is a very quick and effective way to generate a divorce lead but it can be more costly since you’re competing with other divorce attorneys for those keywords.

  • Social Media: Almost everything above has a critical social media component. Pick one or two platforms to be active on by researching which social media your target market uses most. See what competitors are posting and how people respond. Then, post helpful, keyword-rich content or buy boosted posts or ads.

  • Client Reviews: Many marketing and business services show that consumers are more likely to trust brands with online reviews than those that don’t have them, with many saying they rely on positive reviews in making buying decisions. Gather and share client feedback to generate divorce leads.

It can be tempting to buy a list and start blindly contacting people, but a strategic, targeted campaign to generate divorce leads will be more effective… and more profitable.

Scorpion can help you implement elements of a divorce leads campaign with our many Marketing and Technology services. Importantly, we can help you personalize and track those leads for effective and organized outreach.