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3 Questions to Ask for Divorce Lawyer Marketing

Family Law

Divorce law can be a lucrative field for those that know how to market their firm. Too many lawyers or law firms struggle to get clients. Many others pay a fortune in advertising and marketing that does not create a substantial return on their investment. The right marketing strategies can make all the difference in your client base and the revenue you earn in your practice.

When deciding whether your divorce marketing is working for you, you should ask yourself some important questions. The following questions can help you determine whether your marketing efforts are effective and efficient. 

1. Is Your Firm Searchable?

One of the best ways to  improve your marketing is to make sure potential clients can find you. You want to know if your firm is searchable and how prospective clients are able to find your law firm when searching online.

Your Firm's Website

In the modern age, most clients are on the internet. They expect the lawyers they hire to be there, too. Many law firms still use an outdated website that is difficult to use and even more difficult to find. Even law firms that advertise fail to realize how much the website experience matters to a potential client.

When a client uses your website, they want one they can read easily and quickly understand that you are experienced in divorce law. The website should be easy to navigate and find the things they are looking for. Whether they want contact information, your practice areas, or even a biography, it needs to be simple to use.

Your  website design should also be eye-catching and well-designed. Website design matters to clients who visit your website. A well-designed website shows you are a serious law firm and emphasizes your capabilities as an attorney.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization refers to the practice of improving your website to increase its visibility in search engines like Bing, Google, and more. The right terms, phrases, and other items make your page rank higher and appear sooner on a person's internet search.

Algorithms used by search engines scan web pages for certain terms included in the user's search. For example, a person may search "divorce lawyer near me" or "Chicago divorce attorney." The search engine will look for pages that include these phrases in particular ways, including focusing on local SEO that targets your geographical area.

In reality, search engines consider hundreds of factors in ranking pages through SEO. An  effective SEO strategy implements these factors and builds your webpage in a way that ranks higher in the search. As a result, more clients see your page than that of your competitors and they are more likely to visit your site. 

2. Are You Showing Your Expertise?

Your website should demonstrate that you know what you’re doing. They need to see your experience, your skills, and even your track record of success. It should include whether you are a certified "expert" in a particular legal area or have other credentials that put you above the rest of your competition.

There are several ways to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in family law and divorce law:

Website Content

The content on your pages should show that you are an experienced divorce attorney. It should help answer basic legal questions that a potential client could search for. For example, your law firm SEO could include pages on topics like the following:

  • Child custody

  • Divorce

  • Separation agreements

  • Family law issues you handle

This  website content — paired with SEO strategies — demonstrates your experience to divorce clients. It helps to build brand awareness for your law firm in addition to the education and information it provides to a client.

Clients who use your website to answer their initial questions often reach out to you for further guidance. The content also helps your website rank higher on Google searches or searches in other search engines.


Speaking engagements are another part of your  marketing strategy. You should be active in the community to demonstrate your knowledge of family law matters. You might be asked to speak to your local Bar organization about divorce law issues or other topics you know and understand.

It is also helpful to speak at other events, even when they are not directly tied to your law practice. Your presence in the community raises your brand awareness and word-of-mouth about what you know and how you are involved in the community.

Social Media Presence

Your law firm should have a  social media presence that helps demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more are great ways to showcase your website's content, blog posts, or even recent victories. Websites like YouTube even allow you to upload educational videos that help demonstrate your knowledge and experience in a particular area.

A third-party marketing company can even handle your  social media strategy to make it the most effective possible. This saves you time and increases your lead generation at the same time.

3. Can Clients Get a Hold of You?

Few things are more frustrating for a potential client than having trouble reaching an attorney. When a new client reaches out, you want and need it to be easy for them to do so. 

Your website should have a clear section that lists your contact information and how to get in contact with your firm. A few ways to ensure clients can easily get a hold of you include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide an email: Clients often prefer to email an attorney and get a response that way. Many people are hesitant to talk about sensitive topics until they know their attorney is willing to speak with them. Make it easy to use your firm's email and make sure you check it regularly.

  • Add a chat feature: A chat feature prompts clients who visit your website to speak to a live representative or leave a message. The chat feature helps them get immediate information and demonstrates that communication is important to your law firm.

  • Include a telephone number: Some clients still prefer a telephone call. Make sure your phone number is prominently displayed and easy to find.

  • Include a "Contact Us" section on your website: One of the first things clients look for is a "contact us" section or button. Too many web pages bury this at the bottom of the webpage or make it difficult to find. Your website should have a clear section where they can go or even a readily available button for an online contact to your firm.

While making it easy to contact you is very important, it is even more important to follow up with potential clients. Procrastination is the enemy of good communication and client retention. Follow up quickly with prospective clients.

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