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What Does It Take to Build a Steady Stream of Clients?

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If you’re an attorney looking to bring a steady-stream of clients into your practice for years and years to come, you need a disruptive digital marketing plan that actually grabs the attention of people as they use the Internet.

With that in mind, here are four easy steps you can follow to craft a “future-proof” digital marketing plan that brings more calls, more clients, and more cases to your practice...

Step 1 — Do your homework

To build a disruptive digital marketing campaign, you MUST clearly identify WHO your typical client is, and what your typical client wants.

You need to ascertain what makes people pick up the phone and call your practice instead of the practice down the street.

This takes research (a.k.a. time and money.)

You need to figure out...

  • Who is the client?
  • Where does the client live?
  • How does the client spend their time online and offline?
  • Why does the client need to work with a legal professional?
  • What are the client’s most pressing needs, fears, obstacles, and goals?

These and other thought-provoking question should form the backbone of your research.

Do NOT overlook the importance of Step 1...without doing this research (and forming that understanding of WHO your typical client is), it won’t be possible to build a marketing strategy that leads to a long-term stream of clients.

Step 2 — Identify areas for improvement

With a clear understanding of what the “typical client” looks like and how that client behaves, take an objective look at your existing law firm digital marketing efforts.

Are you spending money as efficiently as you could be?

Are their neighborhoods or communities that you should be targeting with your marketing?

Is the messaging you’re using in your marketing speaking to your “typical client’s” biggest wants and needs?

Use the answers to these and other questions to begin drafting a “better marketing blueprint” for your law firm.

Step 3 — Put the plan into action

Using the “better marketing blueprint” you created in Step 2, start putting your plan into action...

  • Step away from unproductive marketing tactics (e.g., direct mail flyers).
  • Stop investing in marketing companies that aren’t producing results.
  • Start putting money into tools that will yield positive ROI.

Step 4 — Build on your momentum

The only way to secure your practice for the foreseeable future is to keep pace with your clients by regularly re-evaluating, adapting, and evolving your marketing.

Be cognizant of the tools and technologies (Facebook, Yelp, etc.) your clients are using.

Pay attention to the way their wants, needs, and expectations shift.

The more you can observe about your clients— and the more willing you are to modify your marketing strategy based on those observations—the more secure your firm will be for the future.

Final thought

If that level of involvement sounds daunting or untenable, don’t give up hope—there are talented people ready to help you future-proof your legal practice.

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