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Here’s the Missing Link to Digital Marketing Success for Your Law Firm in 2019

"Big Data" traveling through the air

What’s the difference between a digital marketing campaign that generates calls, clients, and cash for your firm, and one that doesn’t?


Running a digital marketing campaign without leveraging data is sort of like using the same defense for every single client, regardless of the evidence pertaining to their case...It doesn’t make sense.

Just like the practice of law, you can’t win in digital marketing if you don’t look at the hard facts.

Facts that improve your understanding of the audience you’re trying to target and what it takes to get them to pick up the phone and call your firm.

Yet, despite being the most important part of creating a successful digital marketing strategy, “knowing the numbers” is—ironically—the step that’s most frequently overlooked.

If you want to create a digital marketing campaign that will actually drive more clients and revenue to your firm in 2019, you need to deploy a data-driven strategy.

Here’s how to do it in three, easy steps...

Step #1 - Collect and analyze big data

Key marketing insights are rooted in big data.

Someone typing on a laptop

What’s big data?

The term refers to large sets of data that can be used to solve real-world problems. For example, if you wear a Fitbit or smartwatch, that device is continually collecting data on your heart rate, sleep habits, and daily exercise. That information, once analyzed, can infer meaningful findings on your current health and future outcomes—as well as the population at large.

Big data is usually so voluminous, complex, and diverse that it has to be analyzed computationally in order to reveal patterns and trends relating to human behaviors and interactions.

As a law firm, you can draw valuable insights into your marketing from big data, including:

  • How your target clientele spends their time online?
  • Which digital channels and devices are they using most frequently?
  • What types of digital media they prefer, and how they’re engaging with that media?

A digital marketing diagram

With those insights, you’ll learn how to deliver advertising that reaches the right audiences with the right message at the right time (the sweet spot for digital marketing for lawyers).

Which will lead to higher conversion rates, less money wasted on ineffective marketing, and greater returns on your marketing investment (ROI).

Step #2 - Learn how to ACT on your data insights

Where most law firms go wrong isn’t in the way they’re collecting or analyzing their data—it’s the fact that they’re not applying all that data in an actionable way that benefits their business.

In a conference room with an iPad

The fault usually lies in decision-makers ignoring, failing to understand, or failing to believe the data they’re presented with.

And that’s exactly what’s hindering their growth.

If you want to break the mold and become one of the law firms that gets it right, use your data to create digital campaigns that are more targeted to the types of clients you want to attract—and to discern what is (and isn’t) working for your digital campaign.

Using Big Data, you can…

  • Connect potential clients with ads featuring the most-relevant services.
  • Run marketing campaigns through the most profitable digital channels to improve ROI.
  • Optimize images, copy, and other components of content to maximize resonance and results.
  • Show potential clients messaging that’s relevant to their location, demographic, interest, or behavior.
  • Obtain a holistic and accurate understanding of potential clients, and use that understanding to create more refined marketing.

Step #3 - Recruit the right team

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to think about your execution—who will be charged with leading your firm’s data strategy?

Business handshake.

You can always sift through, analyze, and draw meaningful conclusions from your marketing data yourself, but let’s face it—you didn’t go to law school to become a data scientist.

For most firms, it makes more sense to rely on the assistance of digital marketing professionals, whether they’re in-house or hired through an agency.

Whatever approach you take, just make sure you’re working with someone who has the expertise, technology, and tested processes needed to help you make smarter marketing decisions that will multiply your legal business and increase your revenue.

Want to learn more about how to create a data-driven digital marketing plan that brings your firm more revenue in 2019?

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