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The Sharpest Tool™: Here’s Your Bundle of Fresh Marketing Tips from Episodes 12-16

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If you want to attract more high-value jobs, keep your techs happy, and expand your home services business—you have to take advantage of every business edge you can.

In most cases that means doing A LOT of homework.

But today, we’re here to talk about ONE area you can focus on to get you more customers and bring you more revenue.

Your marketing.

In The Sharpest Tool™ podcast, we sat down with leading home services marketing experts to discuss every tip you need to be more successful, from building a strong presence online to investing back into your employees, if you want to win in the home services business, it starts right here.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we covered...

Episode 12— Leverage Marketing Technology for a Strong Online PresenceTravis Carter

How do you compete when you’re up against competitors that have more money, resources, and a longer history serving your local market?

You leverage the power of the Internet.

In Episode #12 of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast, we spoke with a seasoned expert in home services marketing to learn what it takes to lay the foundation of a strong online presence and grow your business for years to come.

Click here for the full episode.

Episode 13: Why Your Home Services Business Needs Content MarketingScreenshot of The Sharpest Tool episode 13 with Marisa Dearmas.

When your prospects have a problem, they turn to the Internet for answers:

“How do I unclog a drain packed with grease?”

“Why do my lights flicker when it’s windy?”

“What will a dirty air filter do to my health?”

Give them a solution and you’ll win more than their trust, you’ll get their business, too.

And that’s where “content marketing” comes in.

In Episode #13 of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast, join us as we sit down with an expert content marketer as she explains how offering helpful content to your potential customers can bring more web traffic, jobs, and revenue to your business in the long-term.

Click here for the full episode.

Episode 14: Increase Your Business Revenue With Mobile ResponsivenessScreenshot of The Sharpest Tool episode 14 with Eric Reuveni.

Did you know that people who look at your business’ website on a smartphone are more likely to call (and hire) your company?

Which means if you attract and close more customers then your website needs to be mobile-responsive.

In Episode #14 of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast, join us as we sit down with a veteran marketing expert who will explain—in detail—how a mobile-friendly website can bring more customers and more revenue to your home services business.

Click here for the full episode.

Episode 15: Building Value for Consumers Through Top Funnel StrategiesA screenshot of The Sharpest Tool episode 15 with Bobby Ravan.

What drives a customer to call your business?

If you can break down the journey your customer has taken from stranger to client, it’ll mean more jobs, high-value work, and money in your pocket.

Fortunately, this question has a simple answer, and it starts with your marketing funnel.

In Episode #15 of The Sharpest Tool™, you’ll hear a guru in top-of-funnel marketing explain how content and “awareness marketing” can help you build the authority and trust necessary to increase sales.

Click here for the full episode.

Episode 16: Building a Competitive Edge by Investing in PeopleA screenshot of The Sharpest Tool episode 16 with Dan Dowdy.

Your employees say a lot about your business—especially your success.

In Episode #16 of The Sharpest Tool™ podcast, you’ll hear from Dan Dowdy, General Manager of S&D Plumbing—one of the most successful plumbing businesses in Austin, Texas.

In addition to highlighting his journey from service operator to General Manager, Dan will discuss the importance of investing in employees, and how the right hire can make a world of difference to the customer and your bottom line.

Click here for the full episode.

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