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How to Secure Your Home Services Business for the Future

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If you’re a home services business owner looking to create an ever-growing revenue stream that secures your future for the long haul, you need to capture the attention of homeowners searching the Internet for the services you offer and learn how to turn those people into real-life customers.

So...Where do you start learning how to do that?

In this blog.

Here are four steps you can take to develop a “future-proof” digital marketing plan that leads to more calls, more jobs, and more trust from the community.

Step 1 — Do your homework

Although no two customers are the same, every home services business owner needs to do some research to form a basic understanding of what the “typical” customer looks like (and what makes that customer pick up the phone and call). Without that basic understanding, it’s impossible to develop a smart digital marketing strategy that will stand out online.

As you research existing customers, be sure to ask questions that will give you key insights into their decision making and behavior.

Questions like...

  • Who is the customer?
  • Where does the customer live?
  • How does the customer spend their time online?
  • Why does the customer need a particular product or service?
  • What are the customers’ most pressing needs, fears, obstacles, and goals?

The more thoughtful and specific questions asked, the more valuable the insights gained. Those insights are what you’ll use to start drafting a smarter digital marketing strategy in Step 2...

Step 2 — Look for holes

With a clear understanding of what the “typical customer” looks like and how that customer behaves, take an objective look at your existing digital marketing efforts.

Are you spending money as efficiently as you could be?

Are there neighborhoods or communities that you should be targeting with your marketing?

Is the messaging you’re using in your marketing speaking to your “typical customer’s” biggest wants and needs?

Use the answers to these and other questions to begin drafting a smarter digital marketing strategy (one that steps away from the marketing tactics and channels that fail to target the “ideal” customer) for your home services business that will lead to more calls and more jobs.

Step 3 — Make a change

Now it’s time to execute the strategy you began developing in Step 2, but don’t try to roll out the ENTIRE new strategy at once—take it step by step.

For example, if your new digital marketing strategy calls for the development of a strong social media presence you might start by...

  • Revamping your company’s Facebook page.

Before investing in…

  • The creation of helpful DIY content (e.g., a video that demonstrates how to stop a running toilet, or how to fix a blown fuse) that you can post to your new Facebook page.

And if you like the content enough, you might even start…

  • Advertising it on Facebook using sponsored posts.

Note that in the simple example above, everything is happening in stages—if you tried to accomplish all three objectives at once, you might get overwhelmed and fall flat on your face.

Step 4 — Keep the momentum going

The only way to secure your home services business for the foreseeable future is to keep pace with your customers by regularly re-evaluating, adapting, and evolving your marketing.

Be cognizant of the tools and technologies (Facebook, Yelp, etc.) your customers are using.

Pay attention to the way their wants, needs, and expectations shift.

The more you can observe about your customers— and the more willing you are to modify your marketing strategy based on those observations—the more secure your home services business will be for the future.

Final thought

If that level of involvement sounds too time-consuming, don’t give up hope—there are talented people ready to help you future-proof your home services business.

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