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How to Manage Your Website as a Trades Business

Home Services Website management
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As a small business owner, having a professional, well-maintained, and on-brand website is crucial to your success. Whether your goal is to grow business, increase brand awareness, establish a brand presence, share thought leadership, or bring in potential customers, you must have a robust HVAC website, plumbing website, electrician website, pest control website, or roofing website.


Website management is the process that enables home services business owners to maintain a strong online presence.

Website Management

Web management refers to all of the steps that are involved in managing a website so it functions well for your visitors and customers. It requires your team to handle site maintenance and updates, web design, web content, and any integrations that need to happen between your website and marketing and business tools. Web management is typically something your marketing team and/or engineering team handles.

How to Manage Your Home Services Website

Here are the steps you should keep in mind when working to set up and manage a website as a trades business owner.

1. Use a website management service.

You don’t have to be a coder or hire website project managers in order to create a professional home services website. You also don’t need to refer to and pay a website management agency.


Instead, the best way to accomplish this is through a website management service — most commonly referred to as a content management system (CMS).

Content Management Systems for Home Services

A CMS can serve as a website manager — this type of marketing tool handles all aspects of your business website for you. Depending on the website builder you choose, you may have access to features that manage:

  • Domain name creation

  • Website hosting

  • Proactive website maintenance


For example, with WordPress, you can easily and quickly build a brand-new and managed website for your business. WordPress web hosting handles all aspects of the hosting process for you so your site and all of its content are accessible to those searching the web. Depending on your background, allow WordPress to handle website maintenance for you, or elect to manage it on your own.

2. Maintain a strong user experience across your website.

Whether you’re creating an HVAC website, plumbing website, electrician website, pest control website, or roofing website, a strong user experience (UX) is a requirement. Seamless functionality across your site allows your visitors and clients to easily navigate your content, learn more about the topics they’re interested in, and get the information they need when they want it.


The key is thoughtful website design — and the result will be higher engagement and more conversions. You don’t need to hire a website designer to manage this process for you. Instead, leverage your CMS to help you with web design. For example, WordPress offers a Website Builder where you can use templates to help you create a professional website with a streamlined UX.

3. Make your website engaging.

Your website is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy because it’s where so much of your digital content lives and is linked. Use this to your advantage and make your website visitors want to stay engaged on your home services website. For example:

  • Create compelling blogs and thought leadership content for your website.

  • Add links to your social profiles so they’re easily accessible.

  • Clearly highlight your company’s contact information including business hours and contact details.

  • Provide an online scheduling option on your “Contact Us” web page so visitors can book time with you while they’re active on your site.

4. Search engine optimize your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy for increasing the likelihood that your target audience and buyer personas find and land on your content. It improves the ranking of your website and content on the search engine results page (SERP) for relevant keywords and phrases.


SEO is an important part of building a strong online presence that brings in visitors who are searching for services and/or information similar to what is on your website. SEO entails using strategies that get your website and content in front of the right audience members on the worldwide web to improve your chances of increasing conversions.

5. Measure your success.

To understand the success of your website, you must measure and analyze it. This requires reviewing metrics that matter to your business such as web traffic, time on page, conversions, email sign-ups, and bounce rate.


Use a website analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, or a home services marketing tool, like Scorpion, to help manage much of your website work as it pertains to tracking and analytics. Continually measuring and analyzing your success is how you’ll identify opportunities to adjust and improve, and it’ll also help you determine what is working well.

Home Services Website Management Examples

Here are some home services website management examples to inspire your small business.

1. Pricing Example: Electrician

Manage your pricing book to display your electrical services and their associated pricing details on your website. You can edit those prices on an as-needed basis.


2. Online Scheduling Example: HVAC

Include an online scheduling section of your website so that visitors can book an appointment with you on their time.


3. Website Design Example: Plumbing

As mentioned earlier, a thoughtful and beautiful web design ensures your site has good UX for visitors. A good website design, like the one that this plumbing business has, makes your site look on-brand, trustworthy, and professional.



4. SEO Example: Roofing

Make sure your roofing business’ website and web content are optimized for search engines and that you have a Google Business Profile so your company’s information will appear as a local listing on Google.


4. Services Offered Example: Pest Control

Display all of the pest control services that you offer on your website so your visitors can learn about them easily to determine whether you’re the right local home services business to resolve their pest challenges.


Manage Your Website as a Trades Business

Manage your HVAC website, plumbing website, electrician website, pest control website, or roofing website to ensure you’re bringing in as much high-quality web traffic as possible. By following the strategies we covered above, and using the examples as inspiration, your home services business will have a high-quality website that helps drive more business.


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