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7 Ways Recruitment Marketing Helps You Hire Home Services Talent

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The home services industry may have been around for a long time, but demand is as high as ever. The global market for home services was worth almost $4 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow more than 16% each year from 2022 to 2030. 

With that growth comes a need for employees. From plumbing to HVAC repair, you need hardworking and reliable employees with the skill set to deliver top-notch results to your customers. And with 27% of skilled trade workers coming close to retirement age, it’s never been more important to use an innovative approach to find fresh new talent. 

That’s where recruitment marketing can come in. Unlike most marketing, which focuses on the customer, this brand of marketing is designed to attract new talent to your company. 

Let’s explore the world of recruitment marketing for home services businesses, including how it can help you hire the best talent. 

What Is Recruitment Marketing?

In today’s competitive hiring market, recruitment is mostly candidate-driven. This means companies have to prove to candidates why they should work for them, rather than the other way around. Putting up a job posting and waiting for responses isn’t enough anymore. 

Candidate-driven marketing is even more important for the home services industry. Many qualified technicians are aging out of the job, and there aren’t enough young people entering the industry to replace them. In fact, up to 75% of all workers in the trade industries are expected to retire in the next 10 years. 

With a limited pool of qualified applicants, it’s even more important to make a powerful impression. It takes a strong outreach strategy and deliberate messaging to not only attract the best technicians but also to convince them to commit to your application process. 

Essentially, recruitment marketing means crafting the right messages and delivering them to the right people. From career sites to social media, you want to target the most promising candidates with tailored messaging to convince them to apply. If it’s done right, you can create a fully loaded talent pipeline that you can draw from when needed. 

7 Ways Recruitment Marketing Helps You Hire Great Talent 

All businesses in today’s competitive market are struggling with hiring, but the challenge is even more pressing for home services businesses. It takes a dedicated recruitment marketing strategy to streamline the hiring process and start bringing in the quality technicians you’re looking for. 

Recruitment marketing for home services can happen through: 

  • Dedicated career page on your website
  • Third-party job boards and hiring sites 
  • Social media posts 
  • SEO-optimized hiring articles
  • Paid advertisements 

If it’s done right, recruitment marketing can make a big difference in the way you hire. Here’s how. 

1. Improving Brand Awareness 

Recruitment marketing is all about active outreach to as many channels as possible, from industry sites to job boards. This does more than just spread the word about your job opening — it also spreads your brand far and wide. 

Through your recruitment marketing, you can highlight the best parts of your company, including positive work environment, growth opportunities, and competitive pay. When promising industry professionals read this high-value content, it offers a glimpse of what their working life could be like with your company. Better yet, when they share this content, they're passing it on to even more talent in the industry. When one of them is looking for an opportunity, your brand could be top of mind. 

2. Casting a Wide Net for More Candidates 

When it comes to trade jobs, most home services companies have a straightforward hiring process. Simply put up a job posting and wait for the applications to come in. 

But that won’t work in today’s competitive hiring environment. If you want the best of the best, you’ll need to be proactive about how you seek out candidates. 

Recruitment marketing casts a wide net, going beyond the basic job postings to advertise your job listing everywhere where potential candidates can be found. This gives you a much larger applicant pool to work with. From there, it’s easier to weed out the candidates who don’t fit the posting and engage with the ones that stand out. 

3. Improving Time to Hire to Impress Talent 

Hiring the best talent isn’t just about convincing top performers to apply. It’s also about convincing them to go through with the full recruitment process and become an employee. 

If the hiring process is long and inefficient, it won’t matter how many quality technicians you get through the door. The best candidates won’t be on the job market for long at all. Taking too long puts you at risk of losing them to other companies who make better offers, faster. 

Recruitment marketing helps your home services company build a pipeline of the best candidates. They’re already aware of what you do and are interested in the opportunities you’re offering. These warmed-up candidates are ready to enter the funnel and become high performing technicians — quickly. 

4. Reducing Technician Turnover 

When your hiring practices are rushed or inefficient, it can lead to a serious problem: turnover. No matter what your business specializes in, there are costs associated with hiring and onboarding, especially for home services. Everything from training programs to background checks can add up to thousands per new employee. 

So when a technician turns out to be a poor fit for your business, you lose both time and money. Now it’s going to take more recruitment time, higher retraining costs, and more to get your home services company back on track. 

However, with a well-built candidate pipeline, you have more time to find the perfect fit. These candidates are pre-vetted and pre-qualified to ensure the best fit for your company culture and goals, making them much more likely to stick around once the job starts. 

5. Engaging Passive Candidates 

Modern recruiting practices don’t start — or end — with a job opening. If you wait to start the recruitment process once there’s an urgent spot that needs to be filled, you might not be reaching the best candidates for the job. 

Some of the best home services talent out there may already be employed. Recruitment marketing is a way to target these “passive” candidates and attract them to a new position, even if they’re already satisfied with their current jobs. It’s a way to introduce them to your career opportunities and prove that it’s worth applying for. 

Even if you don’t manage to hire these prime candidates, this kind of outreach is a way to lay the groundwork for a future relationship. The next time this candidate is looking for a job, you might just be the first company they think of. 

6. Seeking Out Specific Candidates 

When it comes to generic job postings on sites like Indeed or the company website, hiring managers are dependent on whoever applies. If the candidates you’re looking for don’t apply, then what? 

Instead of taking on sub-par candidates just to fill a job opening, recruitment marketing takes a proactive approach. Using recruitment software or social media sites like LinkedIn, you can find the candidates with the ideal skills and experience for your role. Then, you can target your efforts on these qualified candidates — sending messages, engaging with their posts, or contacting them via email. 

Recruitment marketing helps you actively recruit rather than wait for the right candidate to stumble across your posting. This can help bring in more technicians with the skills, work ethic, and values that you’re looking for. It also allows you to focus your efforts on more qualified candidates, instead of spending your time screening candidates that aren’t a good fit. 

7. Using Data to Improve the Hiring Process 

Efficient hiring processes aren’t driven by guesswork — they’re driven by data. A data-driven recruitment plan allows home services companies to track everything from applicant turnover to interview performance. 

But data can also play a role in recruitment marketing. The more you know about your potential candidates, the easier it will be to target them effectively. Using social media platforms and job posting websites, recruiters can identify patterns and trends they can later use to upgrade the hiring process. 

The data collected through recruitment marketing can include anything from demographic information to most important values. Whatever you collect can offer valuable insight into what candidates want to see the most from employers and how you can best engage with them. 

Home Services Marketing to Make the Most of Hiring 

In the home services industry, finding skilled laborers, technicians, and other staff members is essential. After all, the people who work for you are the foundation of your business. 

If you’re still relying on traditional recruitment tactics, you might not be getting the most out of the hiring process. The skilled, experienced, and trustworthy employees you’re looking for are out there — if you know how to reach them. A recruitment marketing strategy can increase exposure and help you attract and keep the best talent in your area. 

Ready to add marketing to your hiring cycle? Let the experts take the hard work of home services marketing off your hands. At Scorpion, we know how important marketing is to grow your small business, whether you want to hire the best technicians or increase your local bookings. Learn more about what we do for home services businesses or contact us today to get started.