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6 Customer Retention Email Tips for Your Home Services Business

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Joe Martin

You already know that getting new customers through the door is a must for your home services business. But did you know it’s even more important to make sure your existing customers keep coming back?

In fact, businesses are much more likely to make a sale with an existing customer over someone who hasn’t bought from them yet.

Customer retention is also less expensive than winning new customers, and it can lead your customers to tell their friends about you too.

So, how do you keep your customers returning to you time and time again?

When done right, retention emails are your best tool to keep customers loyal and buying from you for a long time.

Let’s go over some key tips on how you can use email to keep customers using your business.

What Are Customer Retention Emails?

Customer retention emails are messages that provide useful content for customers. They’re targeted messages used to build valuable, long-term relationships with your customers. It could be a note about winterizing your pipes from your plumbing company, or a reminder to change your furnace air filter.

Of course, the goal is to keep them buying from you instead of your competitors.

How Does Sending an Email Help Customer Retention?

Email is an incredibly effective marketing channel. It’s true: over 70% of marketers worldwidehave shown that email consistently delivers their strongest return on investment (ROI).

Not only is email a valuable, inexpensive tool, but it continues to be the top driverof customer retention for small to mid-sized businesses in the US. Because of that, it should be a top focus for your business to retain your customers and build loyalty.

Why is emailing so effective over other marketing?

  • Email marketing is easy to measure.

  • Emailing lets you communicate directly and personally to your customers.

  • 91% of Americans want to receive promotional content through email as opposed to other channels.

With some key information under your belt, retention emails can help you build efficient relationships with your customers and drive your business’s revenue.

6 Retention Email Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

1. Be Personal

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that provides a personalized experience?

This means that customers are more likely to respond to a message that’s directed to them and fills a need for them personally, as opposed to one that feels general and impersonal.

Email marketing is the largely preferred marketing method for customer retention because it’s so personal; it’s the modern letter, straight to your inbox.

So, be sure to build an emotional connection through your emails to keep customers engaged with your business. When done right, this will boost your sales in turn.

Personalization goes beyond an auto-filled name in the subject line, too. From timely emails to relevant content, there are several different approaches you can take to personalize your emails.

2. Create Email Lists that Group Customers by Their Interest in Your Company

You probably receive a lot of emails each day, so you know that there’s little more annoying than a business you don’t keep up with that overwhelms your inbox.

For a welcome landing in your customers’ inbox, it’s a great idea to group your customer lists by their activity level. You can use categories like “active users,” “semi-active users,” “inactive users,” etc.

This will ensure you’re sending well-timed—and well-received—emails based on a customer’s engagement level with you.

For customers who are lapsing, it’s a great idea to send a friendly reminder email or incentive to re-engage them.

3. Build Your Company Brand by Establishing Authority

Establishing authority through your emails is another great way to keep customers returning to you over the competition. Building authority in your industry also builds trust, transforming your business into a go-to resource for your customers.

Emails with valuable tips, educational information, industry news, and other resources will show your customers that you know your industry inside and out. They’ll remember you as an expert next time they need a service you offer.

4. Write Good Emails and Include Even Better Pictures

Perhaps the most important factor of your retention email marketing plan is high-quality copywriting.

Make sure your emails communicate value, sincerely engage, and address how you can solve your customers’ pain points.

To boost your open rates, keep your subject line short and compelling. And remember to add a strong call to action (CTA) at the end of your email body that tells your customers what you’d like them to do next.

Also, consider adding pictures to your support your text. It’s no secret that the way we consume information is increasingly visual. Using the right images and videos can improve readability and amplify the overall effect of your message.

Finally, be sure to optimize your copy and visuals for mobile users—According to Campaign Monitor, 47% of people are now using their mobile phones to open their emails.

5. Switch Up Your Retention Email Campaigns

With quality in mind, don’t forget to switch up your retention email types. Here are some key types of retention emails you can use to keep your customers engaged:

  • Thank you emails: People like to feel appreciated. Sending a thank you email is a simple and personal way to keep your customer interacting with your business after a service.

  • Re-engagement emails: To re-engage a lapsed customer, it’s a great idea to send a reminder of how your business can solve their pain points, or offer an incentive to encourage them to buy your services again.

  • Educational emails: This can include helpful tips, information, and other resources (like guides and ebooks) to provide valuable information, emphasize the benefits of your service, and establish your business’s authority.

  • Birthday emails: Sending birthday emails is a great way to build a personal relationship with your customers. Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, and this does just that.

6. Maintain Consistent Communication (but don’t spam)

Consistent communication is key to building a successful relationship with your customers.

With that in mind, email marketing cadence is more important than frequency itself. You want to send the right emails at the right time.

Consider where each customer is on their journey with you. Are they your biggest fan? Did they just buy their first service from you? Have they been inactive for a while? These are things you’ll want to consider when timing your emails.

Your customers should have a grasp on when to expect emails from you and be able to look forward to receiving them.

Final Thoughts

retention emails notification on phone

Whether you run a plumbing business or an HVAC company, customer retention emails are essential to the growth of your home services business.

Customer retention marketing is not only cheaper than customer acquisition, but it will help you boost the lifetime value of your customers, propelling your business to greater success.

By now, you should have a good idea of how to get started using emails to improve your customer retention. Remember that an honest and personal approach, with your customer’s journey in mind, is the foundation to successful customer retention emails.

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