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4 Tips on Training Your Technicians To Sell

Handshake after agreeing to home services sold by a technician
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Mackenzey Bickmore

Did you know it’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to new ones? Working in the home services industry, I’ve learned a lot of businesses have no problem staying busy and would equally like to find ways to grow without having to hire new technicians. If this sounds like your company than consider this, train your techs on how to upsell a service.

It’s as easy as that! The more you can upsell your existing customers, the more revenue your business will see. In fact, according to Forbes, upselling current customers is 5-10 times cheaper than acquiring new ones and you will retain the customers longer.

Upselling benefits not only you but the customer as well because their problems are getting solved.

So what is upselling exactly? In short, it’s a sales technique used to get customers to spend more by buying an upgraded or additional product or service.

Here are Four Tips All Technicians Can Learn to Start Selling:

Trust is important in home services

1. Be An Expert and Gain Trust:

Any excellent tech will understand the job they are going to do and do it well. This will build trust between your tech and customer.

Techs can show and explain to the customer what they are doing as they work. Making sure your technicians are trained will also help to build credibility and a lasting relationship. Your customers will want to start working specifically with the same technician and will be more open to preventative suggestions about their home. 

2. Build Rapport:

Create genuine relationships with your customers and be friendly. No one wants to buy from a grouch! Most prefer to be around happy and warm personalities – trust me when I tell you that your customers prefer it, too.

A great way to build rapport in the home services industry is to compliment something in your customer’s home or have the tech find and mention a similarity between themselves and the customer.

3. Point Out Any Additional Problems That Needs To Be Solved:

Have the techs mention the services they’ve completed and identify any other problem they’ve found. It’s best to be confident and pass on the message as clearly as possible.

Make statements like, “I was able to install this power outlet for the cubicles and noticed these lights were out… let’s get those fixed today.”

Person paying for service after being sold by a technician

4. Schedule The Service:

It’s as easy as the line mentioned above. Sometimes all it takes is to say what needs to be done and offer to fix it on the spot.

If the tech doesn’t have time that day say something like, “I was able to fix all the lights today and noticed the outlets for your home office weren’t working... let’s schedule some time next week to fix them – sound fair?”

It’s all about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes... wouldn’t you want that lurking problem solved? It’s a win-win situation knowing your customer comes out happy and your company has increased profitability. As you know, techs will come across additional problems or services that need to be completed while on the job, so get your techs educated on the art of upselling. Your customer wants that perfectly running AC or better-lit home.