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The 11 Best Electrician Gloves of 2023

best electrician gloves
Rebecca Riserbato

As an electrician, your first line of contact with wires and other hazards is your hands. Whether your business manages small electrical repairs or works on large-scale transmission lines, you’re exposed to high voltages and other hazards that can cause cuts, burns, scrapes, or other painful injuries on a regular basis. These are only some of the reasons why finding the best electrician gloves is critical.

The best gloves are lightweight, breathable, dielectric, and well-insulated. That being said, not all electrical gloves are created equal. Some gloves may not provide the right level of protection from high voltages, while others may not have the flexibility or dexterity to allow you to feel your work.

Electrician Gloves

We’re here to help you separate the bad electrician gloves from the good, and find the best pair for your needs. In this guide, we’ll cover what you should be looking for when searching for the best electrician gloves available today.

What makes a good pair of electrician gloves?

An effective pair of electrician gloves must pass safety standards, protect your hands, and allow you to accomplish all aspects of your job — meaning they must be flexible, insulated, easy to work with, and durable.

Common Types of Electrician Gloves

Here are some common types of electrician gloves — depending on which gloves you ultimately purchase, they may fit into all three of the following categories.

Insulated Electrician Gloves

Insulated electrician gloves are those that protect against electric shock. Depending on the gloves you choose, you can get protection from low and high-voltage shocks. There are classifications for voltage protection.

Low-Voltage Gloves

  • Class 00 — 500 AC and 750 DC

  • Class 0 — 1,000 AC and 1,500 DC

High-Voltage Gloves

  • Class 1 — 7,500 AC and 11,250 DC

  • Class 2 — 17,000 AC and 25,500 DC

  • Class 3 — 26,500 AC and 39,750 DC

  • Class 4 — 36,000 AC and 54,000 DC

Electrician Winter Gloves

Electrician winter gloves are ideal if you work in a cold climate. They meet safety protocols and provide protection against low or high-voltage shocks while also ensuring you can effectively work in winter conditions.

The Best Electrician Gloves

Here are some of the best electrician gloves to consider today.

1. Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile Work Gloves

These versatile, light-duty work gloves are a great choice for any electrician. They have dipped fabric and are coated with nitrile rubber, providing electrical insulation that can block out low-voltage electric shocks.

Soft and pliable, they flex along with your hand, making it easy to do anything from heavy-duty work to fine details. Unlike most rubber coatings, the nitrile used on these gloves is micro-foam, which means it’s much more breathable and can keep the palms cool while you work.

However, these gloves aren’t designed for heavy-duty electrical work. While they can handle small appliances, they’re designed as general work gloves and don’t protect against arc flashes.

2. Mechanix Wear M-Pact Framer Work Gloves

If you’re an electrician who works on home power outlets, circuit breakers, and wiring, these low-voltage leather gloves are designed for you. With three open fingers to allow for tactility and fine motor skills, you can be confident that your work is accurate.

Made from Durahide leather and reinforced with knuckle guards, these gloves provide the basic protection you’d need on the job. They also come with vibration-absorbing pads, making them a great choice if you work regularly with power tools.

3. Magid Safety M011B9 Electrical Gloves

These gloves are highly versatile — whether you’re fixing electrical lines or operating a high-voltage engine, they can handle it all. Unlike the standard nitrile or vinyl construction, they are made of black dielectric natural rubber latex, meaning they have great resistance, durability, and strength.

These gloves are also flexible enough to enable workers who need to deal with smaller parts, especially when compared to other gloves of a similar design. Due to their density, however, you can expect to have some sweat buildup during heavy-duty work sessions.

4. Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves

These gloves have a robust grip and excellent abrasion resistance. They come with a microfoam nitrate coating, making them breathable and flexible enough for most precision work. Best of all, the design provides a protective fit around the wrist, keeping dirt and debris from entering the gloves. That means you can stay clean and free from scratches, no matter what you’re handling.

Compared to other gloves with the same level of durability and strength, these gloves are thinner, giving you a solid grip and increased comfort while working.

5. Klein Tools 40082 Lineman Work Gloves

If you’re working as a lineman, you know the risks of the job better than anyone. Linemen climb power transmission pylons that can stretch to well over 50 feet, working on power lines with dangerously high voltages.

To combat the dangers of the job, linemen need gloves with the best possible protection. Klein Lineman gloves are heavy-duty and made of tough leather panels for industrial-grade durability. The stretchy neoprene material offers some level of dexterity, while the leather provides resilience. These gloves also come with extended cuffs, which are meant to ensure full protection while working. The leather panels don’t cover the entire glove, leaving vents on the side of the glove for air to flow in and out.

6. Magid M014R7 Electrical Gloves

These Magid gloves are extra thick to insulate against electric shocks of up to 1000 volts. They are made from natural latex and rubber, which is what gives them their insulation ability. The natural materials are also known for high elasticity, allowing you to easily stretch and flex your hand while wearing them. That means better dexterity and less hand fatigue. The extended 14-inch length of these gloves covers the forearms, offering full protection against electrical arcs.

7. Mechanix Wear Original Work Gloves

The Mechanix Original gloves are well known in the industry for their comfort and protection. Made from synthetic leather, these gloves have the durability of a leather glove with the comfort of synthetic fabric. They’re built with form-fitting technology that wicks away moisture to keep your hands dry and cool, no matter the weather.

The synthetic leather palm and durable abrasion-resistant coating make it easy to handle all kinds of tools while still keeping your hands safe from cuts and scratches. The added rubber closure ensures a perfect fit around your wrist. Finally, carbon-infused tips make this pair a great choice for those who need touch screen capability

8. DeWalt High Performance Mechanics Work Gloves

If you find yourself wearing through gloves quickly, the DeWalt High Performance gloves are a great choice. With TPR protection on the knuckles and along the back, these gloves are ultra durable. Studded with patches and made from synthetic fiber, these gloves won’t wear in high-stress areas such as the fingers. They’re also a great choice if you need a powerful grip. The silicone fingertips come with tacky grips, making it easy to hold onto your tools whenever you need them.

9. Dex Fit FN330 Nitrile Work Gloves

Dex Fit gloves are ideal for light-duty electrical work. The breathable coated fabric contains spandex, making them stretchy and comfortable. They’re dipped in an ultra-thin nitrile coating and are machine washable. The low-profile nitrile coating creates excellent grip, increased dexterity, and an unmatched tactile feel that you can’t find with standard electrical dip coating. This thinner material also makes the gloves compatible with touch screens.

While thin gloves are generally desirable for those doing detail-oriented work, it makes these gloves less insulated from electric shock. That’s why they’re typically recommended as an additional layer under or over a glove that offers greater electrical insulation.

10. Superior Glove Dexterity Arc Flash Gloves

These highly durable gloves provide complete protection against hazards like flash fire and arc flash. The durable build of this glove is made from a combination of flame-resistant materials, making them suitable for use in the gas and oil industries, where flash fires are a risk.

Aside from this superior protection, the neoprene palm coating offers a soft and skin-like feel for additional comfort. The carbon filament integrated into the glove also makes it compatible with touch screens. While they offer nearly complete protection against extreme working conditions — including high voltage running equipment — these gloves may feel a bit stiff during use.

11. CLC Custom Leathercraft Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Made from synthetic leather, these gloves are both tough and shrink resistant. This makes them a great fit for outdoor jobs where you might encounter moisture. The inner stitching and closing strap make them fit snugly on your hands.

Microfiber pads on the palm add to the comfort and durability, while also keeping the glove breathable. If you are worried about sweat, the material is great at wicking away moisture and offering constant airflow. However, one downside is that they don’t offer much grip.

Find Your Electrician Gloves

When it comes to your safety at work, you can’t afford to compromise. A great pair of electrical gloves can provide safety, comfort, and performance in the workplace. Consider the amount of voltage protection you need and the other traits you care most about when selecting the right gloves for the electrical work you execute.

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