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Your Electrical Contractor Marketing Plan

Electrician marketing

Whether your electrical company has been in business for months or decades, one thing remains the same — you want to expand your electrical business and you want that growth to be sustainable. To achieve this type of success, invest time and resources into marketing — specifically, make an electrical contractor marketing plan.

Electrical Contractor Marketing

Electrical contractor marketing — or electrician marketing — is a process that enables you to increase brand awareness, engage and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers, convert potential clients into paying customers, establish your electrical company as an industry thought leader, and gain a competitive edge.

Electrical Contractor Marketing Plan

Your electrical marketing plan should include a mix of digital marketing strategies — it goes without saying that today, a strong online marketing plan and presence are necessary. Your plan may also include traditional marketing ideas such as direct mail or handing out a memorable business card.

In this blog, we provide a step-by-step marketing strategy for your electrical service — depending on the goals of your small business, you can keep each section as is and work from this plug-and-play template, or you can customize sections to your liking.

Electrical Contractor Plan Template

  1. Business Goals
  2. Marketing Goals
  3. Marketing Channels
  4. Marketing Software
  5. Analysis

1. Electrical Contractor Marketing: Business Goals

We want to base our marketing goals on what the electrical business as a whole is looking to achieve over the next year and beyond. These broad company goals include:

  • Growing our base of clients throughout our service area.
  • Retaining more current customers to turn them into loyal brand advocates who recommend us to their personal networks when they need electrical support.
  • Establishing the brand as a local electrical industry thought leader through valuable, unique, and shareable information and content.

2. Electrical Contractor Marketing: Marketing Goals

Our electrical marketing goals will be written as SMART goals to make them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. They will also be tied to and help us achieve our overall electrical business goals.




SMART Goal 1: Set up a paid local advertising strategy for the next fiscal year that targets new customers in our service area so we can increase our base of clients by 15% in 2023.

SMART Goal 2: Reengage past customers to keep our brand name top of mind for the next time they require support from an electrical contractor so we can improve our net promoter score (NPS) by 10% in 2023 from 2022.

SMART Goal 3: Increase brand awareness through overall and local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics on our website, set up a Google Business profile by end of Q1 2023, and begin to share our relevant content marketing materials via email.

3. Electrical Contractor Marketing: Marketing Channels

We will incorporate a variety of electrical contractor marketing ideas in our plan to ensure we are able to attract new customers as well as existing customers to the best of our ability. Here are the marketing channels we commit to using in this marketing plan and details about how we’ll leverage them.

Google Ads

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) will make the process of electrician advertising for our local business simple. We will establish a digital advertising budget as a team and then run ads that are visible to our target audience on the web, search engines, and YouTube all through Google.

Additionally, Local Service Ads by Google will place our local ads in front of audience members who are in our geographical service area.

Online Reviews

We will encourage customers to leave online reviews for our electrical contracting business. After any service is complete, we’ll ask customers if they are willing to write a Google Review — glowing reviews are a form of word-of-mouth marketing that can help us stand out as a local business, especially among our competitors, and bring in more business. Reviews will also build trust around our brand name. Strong Google Reviews, specifically, help us rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP) for relevant searches.

Inbound Marketing

Speaking of ranking in the SERP, we must maintain a search engine-optimized electrical website and online presence. This will allow us to kickstart an inbound marketing strategy that provides target audience members with the information they’re looking for when they’re searching for it.

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Create an inbound content marketing strategy through which we share content that is valuable and highly relevant to our target audience. For example, write blogs, create videos, and run email marketing campaigns to share DYI electrical tips and tutorials, in-depth information about electrical services and maintenance, and solutions to common electrical challenges and FAQs.
  • Leverage electrician SEO to identify keywords and phrases that should be included across our web pages, content, and blog so our online and web content appears before our audience when they’re searching for it. We will use an SEO service (either Semrush, Ahrefs, or Scorpion) to help us accomplish this.
  • Create and maintain an electrical website design that is both user-friendly (i.e., has a strong user experience/UX) and responsive (meaning our website information is easily viewable across any device including desktop and mobile).
  • Establish a Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) to help our local SEO. When someone in our geographic service area Googles searches a local electrical service, our Google Business Profile will appear with information including our hours, website, location on a visual map, contact details, customer reviews, and more.

Social Media Marketing

We will focus on two platforms to share valuable, unique, and engaging social media content. These platforms will be Facebook and Instagram. We know our buyer personas are active on these platforms and are we confident that we can maintain our business profiles.

Paid Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads will help us reach a number of our target audience members based on criteria we set including location and age. We can also respond to FAQs and share links to our website and other online content through this electrical social media marketing strategy.

4. Electrical Contractor Marketing: Marketing Software

To help us set goals, run campaigns, create content, and analyze our success (which we’ll talk about in the next step), we will use two tools.

  1. Use Google Analytics to understand website behavior and traffic over time
  2. Use Scorpion (a home services marketing tool made for electricians) to bring all of our marketing data into one place and paint a complete picture of electrical marketing progress

Since Scorpion is built for electrical businesses, it can also help us effectively:

  • Generate leads
  • Create marketing assets
  • Automate necessary but redundant and time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Search engine-optimize our website and content
  • Analyze and report on marketing campaigns

5. Electrical Contractor Marketing: Analysis

To understand whether our electrician business marketing efforts are successful, a thorough analysis is crucial. Our team will run a SWOT analysis that lays out our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.



We will also ask and answer the following questions:

  • Did we meet the marketing goals we set? Did our marketing plan contribute to achieving the overall electrical business goals we set as a company?
  • Which areas of the marketing plan were most successful and why do we think that is the case?
  • Did any of our marketing efforts fall short? What areas for improvement are there?

This analysis will also give us the ability to establish benchmarks for key performance indicators (KPIs) as we create future marketing strategies.

Create Your Electrical Contractor Marketing Plan

An electrical contractor marketing plan can help you improve brand awareness — both locally and more broadly — as well as drive more business for your electrical company. Use the above template to begin creating your electrical marketing plan and see the business results you care about most.

Learn how Scorpion can help you create your electrical contractor marketing plan.

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