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6 Ways Scorpion Can Help Electricians Attract More Business

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Online marketing is essential to any business arsenal in today's digital world. The internet is crowded, and competitors are loudly vying for your customers’s attention. However, adapting the latest strategies for digital marketing and having the time and energy to ensure all components operate correctly is overwhelming and time-consuming. Enter Scorpion. With over twenty years of experience, our marketing experts have all the tools and technology to help electricians attract more business.

Are you looking to level up your digital marketing efforts? Here’s how Scorpion can help electricians attract more customers.

Web Design

A well-designed website is essential to your digital marketing strategy. Often, your website is the first interaction potential customers have with your brand, and first impressions count. Your website reflects your company’s products, services, and, ultimately, your business itself, so it’s essential to have a well-designed, functional website.

Today’s consumer seeks capability and functionality like never before. Users want to be able to book appointments virtually, chat with customer service, quickly access user reviews, and more—all with a few quick clicks.

With almost 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, your website should be optimized for mobile users. It not only improves the customer experience but also improves your SEO rankings as well. Our design team utilizes the latest tools and technologies to capture users’ attention and keep them focused on your site and your brand.

With a polished, professional website, your brand is ready to take on the next component of digital marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), or how customers will find you in a sea of Google searches.

SEO Rankings

The higher you are in a search engine’s search results, the more likely your customers are to find your business. Amidst constantly changing algorithms and competitors using the same SEO tactics, getting your business to the top of the search results page can be challenging.

Scorpion uses artificial intelligence to frequently review your site’s content, keywords, performance, and design to simplify the review process and ensure your business ranks as high as possible.

Scorpion’s AI technology compares your site to your competition’s site to determine what changes need to be made to improve your site and develop a customized SEO strategy for your business.

Content and Social Media

Content is an efficient way to engage customers on your site and maximize your SEO. The key to improving your ranking is through content keyword optimization. Your SEO strategy should include placing keywords relevant to your business on any content, title, or page name. If your site has video content, keywords in transcripts and descriptive texts improve the viewing experience and boost your SEO.

Scorpion manages your digital content and social posts through content marketing to help you stay relevant, engage your audience, and drive more traffic to your site.

Social media is another critical component of your digital marketing strategy. Millions of people use social media, from Facebook to Twitter to TikTok, so it’s the perfect place to build relationships, brand awareness, and loyalty with your customers and potential customers.

The Scorpion marketing team makes organizing your content and social media accounts a one-stop-shop experience. Scorpion brings all your social channels to one easy-to-use platform, where you can run ads, upload content, engage with customers, and generate leads.

Manage Online Reviews

Regarding purchasing power, online reviews reign king, with 95% of customers claiming to read online reviews about a product or service before opening their wallet to buy.

Positive online reviews help customers decide about your business, and positive experiences from past customers can build trust and loyalty between your brand and your potential customers. Positive reviews show that your customer was satisfied with your brand and met their expectations and needs.

Reviews also enable the brand to interact with its customers directly, which helps foster community and loyalty. If your brand receives a negative review, it’s an opportunity to build your brand reputation. Take time to respond to the comment, and rectify the situation whenever possible. As a bonus, Google crawlers see reviews and responses as a sign of credibility in their algorithm and may assign your site greater authority as you respond to reviews.

But how can you respond to all the comments, reviews, and queries online? Scorpion can help. Our review monitoring technology streamlines online reviews, making them easier to manage than ever. We consolidate all online reviews, from Google, Facebook, and Yelp, into one central location. With one place to handle your reviews, you can easily read what’s being said about your brand online and respond accordingly. Our technology enables you to automate responses to positive reviews, notify you when you receive a negative review, and generate reports to see how your reviews are trending.

Advertising Campaigns

Digital advertising campaigns include social media, Google, local search, and pay-per-click ads. The value of ads is apparent, but the execution can be confusing and overwhelming. Since many customers are accustomed to being bombarded by digital advertisements, many users learn to ignore ads.

Clear calls to action and accurate targeting are two ways to ensure customers see your digital ads. Your call to action should convey your message and explain how your business can solve their problem. Successful ads use A/B testing to see what best lands with your target audience. A/B testing includes running two ads simultaneously with slight differences in images and keywords to evaluate performance.

Our team of advertising experts knows how to execute campaigns that work, efficiently promoting suitable ads on the right platforms and targeting the right users. We’ll test your ads along the way and adjust them as needed. You set the budget, and our advertising team handles the rest.

Email Marketing

In the same way that ad campaigns target a specific audience, email marketing campaigns target qualified leads directly to their inbox. Customers leave their email addresses in exchange for a high-value, free content piece. Construct informative, easy-to-digest content that your customers will benefit from. This could be a free guide, list, white page, newsletter, weekly course, or more. For example, an electrician could list ways to keep children safe around electricity or information on choosing efficient lightbulbs. Once customers opt-in, utilize email marketing to keep customers informed of updates, product releases, content, or more information about your services.

Scorpion can help you maximize your email marketing campaigns as well as manage email lists. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, building a successful email marketing campaign to convert leads and increase revenue for your business.

Navigating the various channels of digital marketing while trying to run the day-to-day tasks of your business can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Scorpion is here to help. With professional website implementation and design, expert SEO help, content, social media and review management, advertising campaigns, and email marketing, Scorpion can help electricians attract new clients and customers.

Get started with Scorpion today.