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Real-Life Video Examples: Home Services Pros Using Video to Ease Concerns and Build Trust

Camera shooting a video of a man

During COVID-19, plenty of questions come up from both your employee and your customers alike. Your techs want to know the best way to handle new situations they’ve never come across before, and your customers want to know what your business is doing to mitigate the spread of the virus. So, what should you be doing to make sure you’re answering everyone’s questions and putting people’s minds at ease?

We’ve found video to be a useful tool for these types of COVID-19-related updates. With the right kind of video content, you can reduce anxiety, build your brand, and foster engagement with your current and potential customers during the pandemic.

Here are a couple of examples of how our clients are using video:

Customer communications about safety

One way your company can employ video is with an external audience in mind, explaining that your team is taking every action possible to prevent customers or employees from getting sick. Even something as simple as a social media video featuring a company leader can go a long way to build confidence with your customers.

One of our clients, Howie Metz, owner of Quality First Plumbing & Heating in Denver, Colorado, recently created a great example of this type of video. In the video, he tours his company’s office as it’s being professionally disinfected. He also explains his rationale for taking these precautions:

“I really have made a commitment to keeping this a safe environment… I want to make sure that on the other side of this, we’ve done everything we could possibly do for the sake and welfare and wellbeing of my coworkers, their families, and the clients that we serve.”

Internal communications with your staff

During the time of the coronavirus, clear communication with your team is critical. Lapses in communication can result in drops in employee morale, as well as procedure gaps that put both your team and your customers in harm’s way.

That’s why our client—Mary Jean Anderson, President of Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air in San Diego, CA—uses video updates to keep her staff informed about the latest company policies and best practices for completing jobs during the current crisis. These types of video updates can also foster a greater sense of community within your team.

Mary Jean says her strategy is to ask her staff for questions in advance and then does a live videoconference meeting on Fridays to go over the answers and provide an update for the week. She also creates a prerecorded video that she shares with her team on Mondays.

“I do a videoconference twice a week. I ask in advance, ‘What are the concerns? What are we seeing?’ I think it’s just constant communication and hearing [our team members]. We have to hear them.”

Here’s an example of one of Mary Jean’s video updates:

If you would like to learn more best practices for creating video content, check out our recent blog post. You can also visit our resource page for more helpful content to help your business navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

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