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What Are Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs) & Can They Grow Your Business?

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The short answer: YES. But let’s find out how.

As a home services professional, you might be using Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to market your business.

If you are, you’ve probably become very aware of one thing:

Google changes.

A lot.

Which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn Google’s updated its approach to online search advertising again.

But this particular update could do INCREDIBLE things for your business IF you take action now while your competitors are still scratching their heads.

So, what is the update?

Google Introduces Local Services Ads (LSAs)

Okay, So What Are Local Services Ads?

In short, Google’s LSAs are a class of paid ads that appear before PPC ads.

In the LSA group, only businesses that have been vetted and certified by Google under a strict set of conditions (for example, all employees must pass a background check) will be considered “Google Guaranteed.”

Once certified by Google, these businesses will then be given the opportunity to take advantage of premium placement on a Google search results page.

Still confused?

Think about it like this: Google’s LSA program is a special club with special perks and privileges for members.

Anyone can apply to become a member of this club, but you have to pass a few tests to prove you’ll be a good member of this exclusive community.

Starting to make sense?

Google LSAs will live at the top of the search results page, and paid ads will live directly beneath them. Underneath those 4 ads, a “Google Guarantee 3-pack” will populate the map, and, finally, organic ads will appear below that map.

What does that mean for your home services business?

It means the power of a high organic ranking (non-paid placement on a search results page) is getting weaker.

In digital search, the results at the top of the page get the most looks, the most clicks, and the most business. If you’re not at the top of the page, your home services business is losing money, plain and simple.

“I Want In”: How You Become Google Certified for LSAs

The application process for becoming Google Guaranteed is pretty simple:

Step 1 - Apply for Google’s Local Services Ads:

  • Apply for Yourself here: [Here]

Once you apply, you’ll need to provide a few things to certify your business.

Step 2 - Get Approved

  1. Verify the physical location of your business
  2. Allow Google to examine your current online reviews from old customers
  3. Provide Google with your service vertical and a list of your services
  4. Conduct a formal background check of your employees and provide to Google
  5. Provide Google with verified copies of your business licenses and proof of insurance

And that’s it!

Here are the perks of Google Guaranteed Membership…

  • Top placement in Search - Premium visibility to put you above your competition.

  • Google Guaranteed Certification Badge - Certified trust to inspire new business.

  • Verified Reviews - Gain reviews written by previous customers only.

  • Click to call from ad - Customers can reach you directly with one click.

  • Flat cost-per-call fee - Only pay for calls that lead to real business.

You read that right.

Not clicks. Calls.

Google will also guarantee your work to customers, up to $2,000 dollars.

Meaning if your customer has an issue with the work, they can reach out to Google for reimbursement for up to $2,000, giving new customers the confidence they need to try your business for the first time.

Can LSAs Be Used to Grow Your Business?



And yes!

Google’s LSAs are huge.

And if you start using them before your competitors, you’re going to have a MASSIVE leg-up on the competition. You’ll have more visibility, more phone calls from new customers, and more dollars in your back pocket.

If you’re ready to learn more about Google LSAs and how they can deliver BIG value to your business, click here to schedule a free consultation or give us a call directly at 866-622-5648 and learn more about our home services digital marketing services.

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